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BluWiki:Beta Testers

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Save BluWiki from Sam

Phuby, BluWiki's first beta tester

Sam's a horrible programmer. His coding skills just suck. Unfortunately, he's BluWiki's only employee. So we're stuck with his hacks to the MediaWiki code. Problem is, they're really buggy.

New Features

This is a list of new features that Sam designed, which probably don't work. We'd love any feedback on the talk page!

  • BluWiki:Skin - BluWiki's new skin (you're looking at it now)
    • How user-friendly is the skin?
    • Are the icons in the title bar intuitive? Should they be replaced with text links?
    • How can the skin be less obtrusive & give the user more space for their content?
  • BluWiki:Clean URLs - URLs with absolutely no BluWiki formatting
    • CSS layout suggestions?
    • Are there any bugs?
  • BluWiki:Subdomains - Subdomains, should work like this: page_name.bluwiki.org
    • These are definitely buggy.
    • Capital letters don't work
    • Spaces don't work
    • Does navigation work? Not sure...


Anyone who's contributed as a beta tester gets the following treats:

  • If we ever charge for a subscription, you'll be upgraded free
  • If we ever put adds on the site, you'll be upgraded to the "add-free" wiki - again for free

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