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The Basics

Near the top of the screen there are four buttons: Article, Discussion, Edit, and History. Selecting the edit button will take you to the editing screen. It is on this screen that you will begin to edit the webpage. You may also edit a single section or subsection of an article by clicking on the [edit] button located on the right side of the screen. It is recommended that you do not start editing immediately, instead you should practice editing in the sandbox.


When normally typing all you would need to do to make the text go down to the next line is hit the return or enter key. This will not work for editing on this website. To end one line and start another, you must place a <br> at the end of your line. If you don't do this then everything that you have typed will remain on the same line.

Typed in Editing Window Displayed on Screen
only three lines
Typed in Editing Window Displayed on Screen

Some symbols will not show up the same way as you typed them in the editing window. For instance, typing [[BYUIwiki]] in the editing screen will display BYUIwiki when the website is viewed. If you want your text to be displayed exactly as you type it, you may go about it two ways. The first way is to highlight the desired text and then clicking the no-wiki button. It is the button with a picture of a "W" with a red line through it. The other way is to surround the desired text with the <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags.

Typed in Editing Window Displayed on Screen


To make a heading you must put two equal signs before and after your desired heading. Doing this will make your text much larger and make it a section in the table of contents as the top of the page. For example, this section is entitled Headings, and to get it to look and behave the way it does, I had to type in ===Headings=== in the editing window. I used three equal signs instead of two because it is a sub-section.

This is a table of contents

As you can see, this custom essays sub-section is number 1.2. If someone were to click on the other links, they would take them to the other parts of the page. It is not ncessary to use headlines on the website, it just makes it easier to read.


To create a list, all you need to do is put an asterisk in front of an item to be listed. If you don't know what an asterisk is, it looks like a star, and you can make one by holding down the shift and 8 keys on a Microsoft computer. Lists do not require the <br> at the end of the line.

  • Object one
  • Object two
  • Object three
    • Object 3.1
    • Object 3.2
  • Object four

You can make subsets in a list by putting multiple asterisks together. In the example, I used two asterisks in a row to indent objects 3.1 and 3.2.

If you want a numbered list, simply use the pound sign # instead of asterisks *.
buy essays

What was Typed What is Displayed

#An item
#Another item
#Yet another item
##Another Sub-item
#Not a sub-item

  1. An item
  2. Another item
  3. Yet another item
    1. Sub-item
    2. Another Sub-item
  4. Not a sub-item

To ident the numbered list is just as easy as the non-numbered list: simply put multiple pound signs together to ident farther. I used two pound signs for the sub-items in this list. To make the list continue at four, I just went back to using one pound sign instead of two for each item on the list.

Creating Links

If you have a page within this website that you would like to link to, put the title of the webpage in double brackets, for instance, to link to this page you would type [[edit]] where you wanted the link to show up.

What was typed What is Displayed
[[BYUIwiki]] BYUIwiki
[[Create]] Create
[http://www.byui.edu BYU Idaho] BYU Idaho
[[Nowhere]] Nowhere

If you would like to make a link that connects to a website not within Bluwiki, then you must follow a slightly different procedure.

  • To tell if it is a bluwiki site, look at the address bar. It should say http://www.bluwiki.org at the beginning of the address.

Instead of using two sets of brackets, [[ and ]], you only use one set. After the address I put a space and then the words "BYU Idaho". I did not need to do this, but if I had not, the link would have looked like this: [1] instead of just displaying the words BYU Idaho.

In the final example, the link to Nowhere is red because it links to a page that doesn't exist. If you were to click on the link, edit the page, and save changes, this link would turn blue because there would now be a page called Nowhere.

Further Instructions

Wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing A well organized website with everything you should need to teach yourself.

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