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This page should grow into a clear statement of:

  • BluWiki Goals
  • BluWiki Principles
  • BluWiki Rules

Current Structure

See BluWiki:Structure

Quotations from Chairman Sam

I set up the web site to let people say whatever they want to say. I especially don't feel it is the job of BluWiki to place a value judgment associated to the content posted here. If it is feasible (legally, practically, and financially) to host any content, I feel it should be hosted. As of right now, taken to the extreme this even means I’m fine with people making pages with the sole purpose of self-promoting / linking to their website. Of course, this is different from defacing / placing links / etc on other people’s bluwiki pages – which I don’t feel is acceptable.

Right now the company that I have founded (OdioWorks, LLC) is completely supporting BluWiki financially. If you would like to provide financial support – you can paypal it to payments@odioworks.com however it is really not necessary....

...I am working to develop a hack where creators of new pages can set page permissions - which will control who can view / edit a page. I feel this is important to allow free expression yet prevent anarchy.

This comment in response to an issue of potentially objectionable content, and how to manage it in future:

I don't have an answer to this potential problem. I can only hope we have an answer before it becomes something we can not control.

...You're right when you said I do not know where bluwiki will go. Hopefully you can help give this site some of the direction that I have not.

At present, these are the authoritative statements of BluWiki's goals and principles. But This is a wiki -- we can improve them.

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