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General Improvements to the Wiki

Structure / Tools

There are several tools / structure that exists on other wikis such as WikiPedia, which would be enormously helpful if ported to BluWiki...

Help Section

The help section is woefully incomplete and desperately needs to be expanded. We should start by importing help files from WikiPedia.

New User tutorials

Very few tutorials exist on the site. One of the most complete might be Help:Build_a_Site, however even it can be expanded. Ideally, Bluwiki could use a tutorials page which provides step-by-step instructions for common needs among first-time users.


There is a lot of housekeeping that needs to be done, and the Help:Housekeeping page should probably be expanded to better explain housekeeping chores.

Recruiting Sysops

We need more Sysops! We also need to better define what a sysop is, and what their role is. See BluWiki:Sysop.

Technical Improvements

The following is a list of desired technical improvements to BluWiki.com and what I'm willing to pay to accomplish them. If you know PHP / MySql / MediaWiki and interested in these projects, contact me @ sam@odioworks.com --Sam Odio 00:47, 3 October 2006 (EDT)

Payment: Payment will be made via PayPal (preferred). I'll also consider mailing a check / wire transfer. Payments for larger projects will be made in several installations, upon completion of specific objectives.

Page Permissions: $1,000 - $2,500

Incorporate page permissions into the MediaWiki software - maybe through a special page. See this for an example: Special:Permissions.

  • Users who have "authored" (created) a new page should be able to choose to make the page
    • Readable / Writable to everyone
    • Readable to the public / Writable only to select users (this might only include themselves)
    • Readable / Writable only to select users (again, this might just be them).
  • Refer to http://bugs.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1924 for a possible solution.

Automated deployment: $2,000

Develop a script that will allow BluWiki to quickly create and destroy MediaWiki installations for users.

  • This should allow users to create their own private wiki
  • 1 server should be able to run thousands of wikis - there should not be a significant memory / processor resource cost for each new wiki
  • Similar deploymant to gratis-wiki.com or editthis.info

Spam Blacklist: $25

Install this Spam Blacklist.

Note: I've already tried to install the blacklist and haven't been successful. See this page for a description of the problem.

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