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Bob Evans Coupons

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Company Overview

The name "Bob Evans" has stood for quality country cooking for over 60 years, and the Bob Evans brand is one of the best established brands in America. Just hearing the name "Bob Evans" conjures up images of red barn restaurants, hot breakfasts, friendly service, and of course excellent sausage. Today Bob Evans is a $1.75 billion dollar company, and operates over 700 restaurants in 18 different states. In addition, Bob Evans products are available at grocery stores across the country to take home and enjoy.

Bob Evans was founded by Mr. Bob Evans himself in Gallipolis, Ohio in 1948. The original restaurant was only a 12-seat counter, which primarily served truck drivers and people passing through. When he wasn't able to get decent sausage from food suppliers, Mr. Evans decided to make his own from pigs on his farm. He used the best parts of the pig for his sausage, including hams and tenderloins. Word got out about how wonderful the sausage was, and eventually Bob Evans went into the sausage business, selling tubs of sausage from his small restaurant in Gallipolis.

Bob Evans Logo.

Bob's First Shop

Over time people started visiting the Bob Evans farm in Rio Grande, Ohio, and the first Bob Evans restaurant (known then as the Sausage Shop) was born. The original restaurant had just a couple dozen seats; today it can seat 134. The farm itself has evolved over time, too. Today it is a tourist attraction, campsite, and working farm.

Historical Attractions at Bob Evans

The farm offers several historical attractions, including the Homestead Museum, an Indian Mound, a Quilt Barn, and a windmill. Visitors can camp during non-farm festival times for a little as $4 per night for tent camping or $15 per night for RV's. There are also opportunities for horseback riding and wagon rides on the farm.

For those who can make a trip to the farm in October, the Bob Evans Annual Farm Festival is not to be missed. Activities include games, face painting, a hay bale maze, musical entertainment, and more. Admission is only $5 for adults and $3 for children, although some activities have a small additional fee. Other events are held at the farm throughout the year as well; a full schedule can be viewed by visiting their website.

Types of Stores

There are actually two different types of Bob Evans restaurants; the original restaurants and the new Bob Evans Restaurants and General Stores. The original restaurants sport the familiar red-barn frame and offer the menu that customers have grown to love. In recent years, newly opened or remodeled restaurants have been getting a face lift, and now feature more modern decor and an expanded retail section and bakery area. Bob Evans Restaurants and General Stores have the same familiar menu, but they also feature a general store with toys, games, collectibles, and prepackaged Bob Evans Food.

Breakfast Menu

By far the best selling items at Bob Evans are on the breakfast menu. In fact, the restaurant proudly advertises that it serves breakfast all day. Bob Evans signature sausage is available with almost every meal, but there are plenty of other items available as well. Customers love to dine on hotcakes, biscuit bowls, and pot roast hash, just to name a few. Lunch and dinner offerings are equally enticing. Bob Evans serves up 100% Angus burgers, Cheddar Baked Potato Soup, and Knife and Fork sandwiches.


Bob Evans runs its restaurants in 18 different states throughout the Midwest but if the nearest restaurant is not close by, you can still purchase Bob Evans food at grocery stores in 49 states, as well as parts of Canada. Bob Evans grocery products include Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Breakfast Sandwiches, and of course, the famous Bob Evans Sausage.

Coupon Availability

Coupons for Bob Evans grocery items can be found in a variety of sources. Sunday circulars regularly offer coupons, and if you're lucky you may even find coupons attached to the items themselves or available from a blinking coupon vendor in the same area. Bob Evans also has a Facebook page, and by "liking" them you can gain access to special offers and promotions. "BEmail" is another way to receive coupons through the internet. By signing up on the website, BEmail subscribers will receive regular product updates and special offers. BEmail subscribers will also sometimes receive restaurant coupons, to receive discounts or free items with their orders.

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