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Welcome to the bodybugg users' wiki. This site is intended to complement (not replace) resources available to bodybugg users, allowing us to contribute our own content and organize the information in an easy-to-use format.

Help / FAQ

Device information

Details about the bodybugg itself, the display, and troubleshooting for these devices.




Tips (or links to tips) on solving technical / hardware problems with your bodybugg.


Add your favorite sites to these lists, and find some new ones to check out. Please provide the following info if available:

  • Is the site free, membership required, or paid membership?
  • Pros / Cons?
  • Other information that might be useful to other bodybugg users

Nutritional Information

The Daily Plate

  • Free and "gold" memberships (paid).
  • Pros: Users can contribute / edit to the food databases, so it's constantly growing. Also has weight / body measurements / activity trackers, almost everything available to free members.
  • Cons: A lot of duplicate foods end up in the database, can be hard to find the one you want

Calorie King

  • Free nutritional information

Calories Per Hour dot Com

  • Free nutritional information
  • Free calculators
  • Sometimes hard to navigate

GourmetSleuth - Gram converter

  • Free converter to grams - very useful
  • Haven't looked at the rest of the site

Weight / Diet Trackers


  • Has a free membership level, and paid levels (spin-off of friendfinder.com, very similar structure)
  • Some kind of rewards system / points for actively using the site

Support Groups / Communities

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