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Bond (Reflections)

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Aes Sedai traditionally bond only one Warder. The only exceptions are the Green and Red Ajahs. Greens frequently bond more than one, while the Reds bond none at all. The bonding process involves the permanent linking of the Warder and Aes Sedai using the One Power.

Ethically, the Warder must agree to the bonding process, but an Aes Sedai bonding a Warder against his will has occurred in the past. Bonding a Warder without his permission is considered a crime akin to rape among Aes Sedai. It is an offense for an Accepted to bond a Warder. Not a severe enough offense for stilling, but it would result in a serious punishment.

Most Aes Sedai go years after being raised to full sister before finding their first Warder. The Aes Sedai make their Warders give oaths, swearing to accept and obey, although obedience to the Aes Sedai isn't a function of the bond itself. Physical contact is required for bonding and with the Warder oath proclaming: I am your sword, your shield, your companion. The bond gives the Warder the gift of quick healing, strength and energy, withstand more serious injuries than previously, as well as the ability to go without water, food, or rest for long periods of time.

When a Warder is bonded, he feels a huge flash of heat, and more aware of himself and the Aes Sedai. After the bonding, Warders are able to sense the Dark One's taint at a distance. The Warder's bond also shields the dreams of the Warder. Despite common belief, the Warders' fighting ability has nothing to do with the One Power. Warders instead are normally chosen for their natural fighting ability, which is then improved upon through hours of training and practice.

Warders are also able to sense things about their Aes Sedai, including her death and the sensation of a Warder's injuries can almost make the Aes Sedai faint, if the injuries are severe. The bond between a Warder and Aes Sedai allows either to feel each others pain and feelings. If wounds are fresh, half-healed or infected, if the other is in a temper, can tell when the other is weary or unsteady, awake or asleep, or eager, sad or nervous. Once bonded, each can sense the other that grow fainter with distance, but never completely is gone unless one dies. The Aes Sedai know at all times whether their Warder is alive - should he die, she will know the manner and time of his death immediately. The Aes Sedai apparently gain other benefits from the bonding, but these are not known to any except the sisters themselves.

Many sisters get touchy when another steps between them and their Warders, the Greens are particularly jealous of their Warders. A Warder and his Aes Sedai will know when the other dies, and how. The death of her Warder has a severe effect on the Aes Sedai. An Aes Sedai will bond another Warder if hers dies, but this generally takes place a long time after the death of a Warder. It is very difficult for an Aes Sedai to get over the death. For the most part the relationship between Aes Sedai and Warder is chaste, though in many cases this is not true of the Green Ajah and their Warders.

No Aes Sedai has passed her Warder's bond to another Aes Sedai for four hundred years, and doing so is considered unethical in these times. Most Aes Sedai would consider transferring a Warder's bond without his permission a crime, and it could be enough to drive the associated Aes Sedai into exile.

If an Aes Sedai dies, her Warder loses the will to live. Many often die avenging their Aes Sedai. They tend to seek death, fighting battles against increasing odds until is almost certain that he will die. Some Aes Sedai will bond a Warder whose Aes Sedai has died, in the hope of saving him, but the success rates of these attempts are rather low.

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