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Bonn and Weinmar Constitution

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Bonn & Weinmar Constitution WW2 Historic Struggle of Democracy

In 1945 the Western Allies were advancing rapidly against Germany on the west, as were the Russian forces on the east, In Italy the Germans on the north begun to surrender, Though the allies had made elaborate plans in crossing the Rhine, They were not force to resort to them, They had been successful in cutting the wires which lead to dynamite charges intended to blow up the bridge at Remagen; Consequently the bridge was left intact, During the first few days in "May" resistance came to an end, An announcement was made that Hitler was dead; An Itallian Mob has shot Mossolini; German armies in Austria, The Netherlands, Denmark and Northern Germany surrender unconditionally in towm of Reims France, Colonel General Jodl of German army represented that country, General Eisenhower accepted the surrender for the United Nations. The war of Europe was over.

The Bonn Constitution, in spring of 1948. The western Powers agreed to permit the German people to prepare a provisional constitution for the government of Western Germany, and eventually for all Germany. This constitution known as the Bonn Constitution, to distinguish it from Weinmar Constitution written after ww1, was completed in May 1949, It provides for two house legislature - The Bundasrat, elected by the state legislatures, and the Bundestag elected by the Federal Council composed of the Bundestag and an equal number of representatives chosen by the State Legislatures. He can be re-elected but once, and his powers are very limited. The Federal Chancellor is elected by the Bundestag, and a vote of no confidence forces him to resign. The purpose of this arrangement is to prevent the recurrence of a dictatorship.

The Treaty of Rome of 1957 Renewal of Succession & Crowning of Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter was reaffirmed on June 5th,1982 in Versailles.

The June 5th, 1957German Constitution is actually The Bonn & Weinmar Constitution Merging into First Constitutional Monarchy under United Nations International Law of Treaties and Statute of Rome e.g. State Sovereignty of Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter in The Person of Maria Fairolaine Pulmano Cuyos by Baptismal Document by Rome Statute of 1965 1971 1975 and 1982 in Salic Pragmatically to Throne Precedent over every agnatic rule.


Neff-Planer 1952 Eddition

United Nations International Law of Treaties Documentations

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