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Important reference info

Our address: 1447 e. pender st. phone 778.232.4214


Friday, November 24th

9:00 pm - ?*

Six Acres Gassy Jack Square (203 Carrall St) http://www.gastown.org/microsite/moons001

Evening of music, tapas and a plethora of imported beer

RSVP confirmed:

j/ d/ Kristian/ Andy/ Justin/ Ray/ yossi (after 10)

add your name!!!


Saturday, November 25th - Sunday 26th

LSDJ (aka our house) Retreat


11 am - 3 pm Big bowls of cereal Cartoons and video games

3 pm - 6 pm Data Potlatch Bring your music, videos, and other crazy stuff, as well as your harddrive, iPod, cds or dvds and share your stuff!

6 pm - 9 pm Potluck dinner Bring stuff prepared or to prepare in our kitchen! I love cooking together ...

9 pm until we're done Very mellow mixer party ... a little bit of music, a little bit of dancing, a lot of chatting and grazing. We're thinking about getting a keg and having a $5 all you can drink concept ... otherwise, BYOB


Potluck Promises


/Tannis -

/Scott -

/Yossi- Salad or Humus

The Main Event

/Alan, Jason, Klaus - Vegetarian Chili, fresh bread

/J - chicken & rice


/Melissa - Transitional blueberry crumble

/d - deep fried bananas/sum other baked yummies

/bill - tapioca pudding made with coconut milk (yum)

/mike & malcolm - smokes


Sunday November 26th

11 am - 2 pm Mellon and Cognac Brunch

2 pm - 5 pm Acoustic Jam - bring your instruments!


there is no cover charge for any of the activities.

It would be great if you could RSVP for the following events:

Friday Night - Six Acres

Saturday Night - Potluck (interested in keg beer? what would you like to bring to the dinner?)

  • also let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements/extreme allergies

would really love to see you all there ... we have some wonderful foreigners to introduce you to as well! I'm personally really looking forward to this, and would love to share it with you! please call or email if you have any questions ...

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