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BoRics Coupons

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About BoRics

BoRics is a popular hair salon owned by Regis Corporation. Along with more than 20 other salons owned by this corporation, BoRics is known for quality and reliability. Regis is the world's largest salon, featuring over 11,000 store locations throughout the United States.

The company began as Kunin Beauty Salon in 1922. Paul and Florence Kunin were the first owners. Originating in Edina, Minnesota, the salon didn't become Regis until 1958. Myron Kunin, who was the son of the founders, renamed the salon and helped generate more success.

The company continued to grow, and there are several BoRics locations in the United States today. Their official Web site, which is anchored in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, receives approximately 1,205 page views each day and 36,150 monthly.

Many people choose BoRics salons today for haircuts. According to their official Web site, BoRics' featured services are adult cuts, child cuts, coloring, highlighting, permanents, conditioning, and bang or beard trims. Selected salons may also offer facial waxing, relaxers and clip-in extensions.

BoRics Today

BoRics has frequent hair supply sales. They offer many of the popular professional brands of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The Annual Liter Sale is one of their most popular events. Liters of each product are offered for at least 20% off. Another popular sale they frequently offer is the Buy One Get One.

Borics coupons online

During this time, selected products are free if customers purchase more than one. In order to qualify for a discount, the free item must be equal in price or less expensive than the item that is paid for. To give customers or interested individuals the opportunity to enjoy random specials, BoRics offers a free newsletter. Anyone is welcome to sign up for this publication by clicking the relevant link on their main Web site.

Where to Find BoRics

The majority of BoRics salons are found in Pennsylvania. They are also scattered throughout the Midwest. The location in Forest Park, Illinois, is rated as one of the best. Customer reviews on the Internet reflect nothing but positive words about the staff, service and quality.

This location has been open for several years, and it is usually necessary to call in advance to make an appointment. Some BoRics salons accept walk-in customers. To ensure an appointment, it's always best to call any BoRics salon as far in advance as possible.

Customers also have the benefit of reminder coupons by creating an online account. These coupons last for two weeks. They are helpful in reminding customers to come to their scheduled appointments. BoRics has plenty of Internet benefits. Customers may visit their official Web site at any time to view hairstyles.

There is a gallery featuring plenty of popular cuts and styles. Gift cards, which make a perfect gift for friends or family, can also be purchased on the BoRics Web site. To learn about styling tips and hair health, visit the Services section of the BoRics site. In addition to listing their services, they also have short blog posts about keeping hair healthy, what to look for in quality products and how to create a new look.

BoRics Coupons

One of the best ways to receive BoRics coupons is to visit their Web site, create an account and check the box that permits the company to send emails. By doing this, individuals will automatically receive emails containing information about how discounts work, promotional coupons and sale notifications.

Another way to obtain a coupon or voucher is to contact BoRics through their site's contact feature. As an alternative to this option, it's also possible to call them at 1-800-345-7811. Simply ask the representative for a coupon or voucher. This service may only be available to new customers. As a way of trying to obtain new customers' trust, most companies that offer products or services offer an introductory coupon.

Although the practice of calling to request discounts isn't popular today, it once was one of the few ways to obtain coupons or free trials. Many companies continue this courteous custom today.

Finding Coupons Locally

Another way to obtain BoRics coupons is to search locally. Find a local newspaper, browse the pages for coupons and cut out any BoRics deals. While not all BoRics stores advertise or offer coupons in newspapers, some may use the newspaper to reach out to new customers.

In cities with more than one BoRics store, it may be more likely to see newspaper coupons. This is because the franchise locations compete to be the best in town. To find the nearest BoRics locations, visit their official Web site. They have a helpful tool, which is located at the top of the page, to search for nearby salons.

Enter a city name, zip code or major landmark to search the nearest results. Most larger cities or regions have circulars or discount publications. These are usually sent in the mail, found at gas stations or available at a local library. Some BoRics stylists offer individual discounts or coupons from time to time. This varies between locations in different cities and states.

Getting Coupons at BoRics

The best way to find these temporary coupons is to visit a local BoRics salon in person. Ask the receptionist what kinds of deals or coupons are available. If there aren't any coupons available at that time, ask the receptionist to recommend a good time to return. Another option for finding BoRics coupons is to read hairstyle magazines.

Some magazines offer free trial periods, so always look for those first. Most hairstyle magazines have a wealth of coupons scattered throughout their pages. However, the best place to look for discounts is always the official Web site of BoRics. Always consult the site before using any other coupon resources.

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