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Bowling Unlimited

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Bowling Unlimited was a junior, and later under-21s, ten pin bowling league operating out of Box Hill Bowl, in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia between 1993 and 1998.


During the summer of 1993, several young bowlers found themselves wanting a league operating on Saturday mornings. A few months prior, Box Hill Bowl had seen the demise of both the Satagators and the Nelson Under-21s leagues. Some of these players met occasionally on Saturday mornings, until a new league was organised for them.

This league commenced on 19 March 1993 and was named the Saturday Morning Juniors. Each week, teams of two competed in a two-game series. A brief ten-week season saw brothers Bricks J. Winzer and Kent Winzer claim the inaugural title.

Mismanagement saw the league neglected, but an aggressive marketing campaign by Bowl staff member Vinay Sharma led to a revival. An expanded league, featuring teams of three players each, commenced in August 1993; a misguided move saw the league officially named Terminator 2, but the players never referred to it as such.

The league's third season commenced in March 1994. The old league name was ditched in favour of Bowling Unlimited, which was suggested by new league president Bricks J. Winzer as a temporary measure, "until such time as a better idea comes along". The league planned for expansion that never happened, and controversial experimental rules (such as one player out of three constituting a legal lineup) failed.

November 1994 saw the league revert back to two-player teams after a petition by players. However, the next problem proved to be handicapping, where stronger bowlers were getting no reward for higher averages, and could be easily knocked off by a weaker bowler having a good day.

In June 1995, the league was forced to play three games each week, resulting in higher costs for bowlers. This change would set the major structure for the remainder of the league's run.

Past Winners

  • 1993: Bricks J. Winzer, Kent Winzer
  • 1993-94: Bradley Pye, Martin Welzel, Bricks J. Winzer
  • 1994: Hailey Martin, Dale Martin, Brent Martin
  • 1994-95: Katrina Blewett, Carla Dunne
  • 1995-96: Bricks J. Winzer, Craig Levy
  • 1996-97: Kent Winzer, Giles Bray
  • 1997-98: Michael Mallis, Paul Nellis
  • 1998: Brad Ford, Sim James


  • High game: 268, Bricks J. Winzer
  • High series (2-game): 384, Andrew Parnes
  • High series (3-game): 636, Paul Butcher
  • High game without a strike: 171, Paul Butcher
  • High team game (2-player): 404, Ben Rasche and Bricks J. Winzer
  • High team game (3-player): 515, Bricks J. Winzer, Brad Harding and vacancy of 160
  • Most games: 488, Bricks J. Winzer

Notable players

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