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Bradley Arminius

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Vital Stats
Bradley Jason Arminius
Full Name: Bradley Jason Arminius
Age: 30
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian Universalist
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Pilot: Awakening
Last Appearance: N/A
Known Relatives: Jacob Arminius - Cousin,

George Arminius - Father

Affiliations: None

Bradley Arminius is the cousin of Jacob Arminius and a employee at Summer Dayz Inn. He leaves a relitively boring life until Jacob arrives and gets him involved in the Harrington Conspiracy.

Personality Traits

  • Pacifistic
  • Universalistic/Existential
  • Vouches for the dark horses
  • Irresponsibile
  • Innocent
  • Expressive/Open
  • Avoids Confrontations
  • Speaks his own langauge (i.e. comes up with oddball sayings that make sense to him alone).
  • Emotional
  • Smarter then he lets on

Season One

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