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Brain Capacity

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My topic for this Study Skills project is untapped brain capacity/potential.There isn't much information gathered on this subject so most of it is opinion and logic .I will talk about the following:

  • How much brain capacity/potential we use
    • Differences as well as humans
      • Possibilities if someone tapped into their "untapped brain capacity/potential"

How much brain capacity we use

The approximate equivilent of brain capacity/potential we use is 10-15%.This is with all the parts of the brain used for gathering information, understanding, awareness, speech, smell, hearing, READING, writing, thought, and senses.

Information is gathered in a pretty complicated way so to make things easier.The transmission of information between neurons is called neurotransmission, through the patterns of electrochemical exchanges the brain recieves, analyzes, and transmits all of the information needed to carry out its complex functions.

Diferences in Species

Different species require different amounts of their brain capacity/potential to carry out their special needs.For instance sharks use most of their brain for smell, and alligators use most of their brain for advanced behavior.There can also be differences between humans too for example some one can be smarter than one of his/her's classmates logicly you would think that the smarter one uses more of their brain than his/her's classmates.


Suppose someone was to tap into their untapped capacity/potentail would they develope powers or abilities? Who knows? The only people known that used more than 10-15% of the brain are the great minds such as Albert Einstien, Issac Newton, Plato, and etc.

Another possibility why we don't use our full brain capacity/potential is simply because we choose not to or we don't apply ourselves eventhough there are times where we wouldn't use the same brain capacity/potential tha normally


The sources I used for information the World Encylopedia

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