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Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons

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Company Overview

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most famous and successful casual dining franchises in the United States. Founded in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio, the founder James Disbrow decided to open a location where the folks in the Midwest could indulge on authentic buffalo-style wings without having to make the trek all the way to Upstate New York.

The restaurant soon exploded in popularity and grew into a franchise as of December 2009. They have approximately 652 locations in 42 states and pride themselves on their sport-oriented atmosphere, though they food they serve caters to all lovers of chicken wings.

Menu Information

As the name implies, chicken wings are the name of the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. They have a multitude of spices ranging from mild to scorching, and all of their wings come in the bone-in or boneless variety. Moreover, the restaurant serves a multitude of burgers and ribs for those who don't really enjoy eating fowl. However, it should be noted that while the burgers are decent, you should really come here and indulge in the chicken wings.

In order of spiciness, from least to most, the sauce varieties are Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki Mild, Parmesan Garlic, Medium, Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, Caribbean Jerk, Hot BBQ, Hot, Mango Habanero, Wild and Blazin'. Two new flavors, Thai Curry and Jammin' Jalapeno, were added in February of 2011.

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons.

Famous Dipping Sauces

All wings come with either Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Southwest Ranch, or Sour Cream dipping sauce. Moreover, Buffalo Wild Wings prides itself on having a variety of beers on tap or in bottle, ranging from what you've normally find in your grocery store to lagers and pilsners you may have never heard of before.


Being a sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings proudly broadcasts every major and college game that happens to be going on in the current season. They hold regular bracket challenges and fantasy events for enthusiasts of either, and oftentimes have drink specials during big games.

They proudly boast showing "over 2,000" games, according to their website, meaning that no matter what sports franchise you follow, you're sure to find a place in a booth or a barstool. Indeed, you can certainly watch the game at home, but wouldn't it be more enjoyable to knock back a cold one and enjoy the competition amongst like-minded individuals? At Buffalo Wild Wings, you'll be able to.

Ways to Save

Those looking for coupons can easily sign up for the email list via the franchise's official website. Moreover, Tuesday nights are Wings Tuesdays, meaning that chicken wings are only 45 cents apiece. Sweetening the pot is the offer of Boneless Thursdays, where boneless wings cost no more than 60 cents per wing on Thursday nights.

Buffalo Wild Wings also has a long-standing product promotion with Red Baron pizzas, where special boxes of the freezer-brand pizza pies will also contain coupons that can be used in most Buffalo Wild Wings locations. If you like to eat chicken wings but also love saving money, there are more than enough opportunities to do so with Buffalo Wild Wings.

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