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becuase i never legitimately had a birthday party, CMCSMB will be a celebration of a year and a half of hard work. it will also be an excuse to destroy my sleep cycle again before summer is over. This party will be held around the city and will feature things such as, but not restricted to, throwing lightbulbs off of tall buildings. This will be the 43rd VGOC party.

invite list

Everyone who reads this is invited - except nicolas cage... i dont like his nose.


  • 5:00 - 6:30: ddr at cove or sleeping.
  • 7:00 - 9:30: at fudds or in general area for dinner (allowing people time to get off work etc......*cough rachel*)
  • 10:00: a movie at a theater... or at my place...
  • 12:00: shopping run to get drinks and or chips... go to hopes house to build a tent, and play video games late into the morning.
  • 9:00: wake up... vote on wether or not to pick up chucky from the airport
  • 10:30: if vote goes through, drive to airport, scream at chucky when he lands.
  • rest of the day: dick off. we'll probably end up around brunskill so we can have an afternoon nap under the trees in the pine-tree park. or we might just nap in the bowl on campus.
  • in anycase, people will fall asleep. lol.
  • evening: tennis. <-- for those interested.


green cape dude late night beer bust. paddie wagons super extended drinking straw untraceable was amazing - break... i think im dozing off. -back. i am awake. i slept for 15 hours. yay. it was a-salted. raping sean in halo 3. bobby, shut up. being raped in red steel. staying awake for 40 some hours. laughing at jia jia's misfortune angry at jia jia's misfortune deciding that jiajia should not have anymore misfortunes to keep him from coming to pike lake. awesome wanton breakfast. meeting chucky at airport. sean thinks that chucky's bag is red. confusion ensues. getting out of airport takes longer than average plan departure time. sean's uber sandwiches football in park. extent of mental exhaustion becomes clear. wu-shi-"k" - btw, i finally won. after a 3 year winless streak. rachel finaly blames bad card hands on other player's touching her cards tennis. mental capability is pooted. hope is unable to judge distances. hope almost hits several cars, and a padestrian while travelling aorund the city due to lack of depth perception. rachel is a difficult driver to follow. cruise weekend: amazing. many hot cars! settlers: hope manipulates chucky hostilities between hope and sean escalate through the game hope becomes screwed in 2nd game. MF can't get wood to score. sweet potatoe fries = yummy. hope meets old murray friends! hope craves steak and ribs. attempted meaningful conversation towards end of night result in phrases such as "you have a puppy face" and "i can't hear you. all i hear are words." starbucks is freezing cold. hot cashier girl bitches about heat.

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