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COMM 300: Notes on the Hecht's conference

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Market focus

  • Moderate / High-moderate market (with a focus on the high-moderate)


This is an aquisition!

Biggest problem with merger: not loosing customers as May Co. adopts federated products

Emphasis has been put on wider isles, and keeping the sotre less crowded

revenue / sq ft. - best way to tell is to determine what their location is in the store

"real profit is in apparel"

Five questions

  • Federated President (name here) has stated that they are working to develop their presence in the teenage / young adult clothing market. Does Hecht’s feel the same way? If not, what audience will FDS focus on after the merger? How will they pursue this focus?
  • Today, department stores face stiff competition from speciality clothing outlets such as those run by Gap, Inc and Limitied brands. This competition is especially fierce in the lucrative high end young adult market. Is Hecht's (and now FDS) interested in growing their share of this market segment? If so, how do they plan on doing so?
  • On July 29th the Wall Street Journal announced that the majority of Hecht’s department stores will be converted to Macy’s brand after the holiday season. This move has been criticized in the press as a poor use of the value associated with the Hecht’s brand. What marketing benefits will this integration create that compensate for the loss of the Hecht’s brand?
  • FDS has made it clear that there will be many changes to the existing Hecht’s stores needed to successfully integrate them with the Macy’s brand. As a Hecht’s executive, what Hecht’s qualities do you see as being preserved or even expanded by this integration?
  • The majority of this McIntire class will be entering the job market in 2007, after the May / FDS merger. How will this merger impact those who may have been interested in working for Hecht’s? Will the Hecht’s college recruiting program continue through the FDS merger?

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