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COMM 300: Speaker NPO Notes

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Speaker Notes

American Red cross

Lonnie Kriby

Seven Principles:

  • Humanity
  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Voluntary Service
  • Unity
  • Universality

Guided by congressional charter

Treat this as a business Products & Services delivered using resources

Focused on the needs & expectations of their constituents: clients, donors, volunteers,

Business Plan:

  • Strategic Foundations
  • Strategic Direction
    • Organizational Priorities
  • Strategic Goals
    • Strategic score card
    • What red cross intends to achieve
  • Strategic Initiatives
    • Actions to achieve strategic goals
  • 47 Chapter Performance Standards (CPS)
    • Core requirements
      • Governance
      • Financial strength & stability
      • Service delivery
      • Human Resources
      • Solid business practices
      • Organizational unity & corporate citizenship
    • Critical Performance Standards

Important: Linkages

  • Communications / marketing plans have to "link back" to business plan
    • Must create measurable communication objectives and subsequent actions that link to the
  • Service delivery plans:

United Way

Cathy Train

9 objectives in the Strategic Plan

  • Legacy
  • Focus on Community Needs
  • Effecive visible vocal board
  • Increasing sustainable funding
  • And several others

ASK ABOUT: Outcome based funding. They can analyze their own performance

How do you measure the performance of the FY07 grants?


Gordon Walker

Keys for Non Profits:

  • Diversify funding base
  • Be prepared for change

Getting feedback:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Random sampling of 10% of people who received services
  • Talk about profit, market position, asset development, etc.

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