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COMM 300: Wintel

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In-class case outline


  • Microsoft is an aggressive partner
  • Microsoft currently is partnered w/ intel, and does not support competitors


  • Note for priorities you distill issues with the most important issues first, like the following:
  • 1. Most pressing:
    • What should we do about NSP?
  • 2. Most important:
    • Should we continue to cooperate w/ Microsoft
  • 3. etc.


  • Cooperate w/ microsoft, but drop NSP
  • Don't cooperate w/ msft, push NSP to ISVs & OEMs
  • Cooperate w/ msft, and look for compromise to push NSP.

Decision Criteria

  • Is it ethical?
  • Will Microsoft retaliate by supporting Intel's competitors?
  • Will it lead to greater brand differentiation by customers?



  • I would cooperate w/ msft, and look for a compromise to push NSP after the Windows 95 release because this is ethical, msft won't retaliate, and customers will differentiate intel's chips.


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