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COMM 341: C/A Quasi contract

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UVA Notes > COMM 341 > COMM 341: C/A Quasi contract


Facet I

  • Plaintiff must prove all 4 points
  • Standard of proof: more probable than not
    • 1. Plantiff conferred a benefit upon defendant
    • 2. Plaintiff undertook to confirm the benefit with a reasonable expectation of compensation
      • reasonable is objective rule
    • 3. Plaintiff did not intend to give the defendand a gift
    • 4. Unjust enrichment (translated as fundimental fairness) would result if the plaintiff is not compensated by the defendant for the benefit conferred.

Facet II

Facet III

  • 1. compensatory damages = reasonable value of the benefit conferred
2. decree in equity


7 - Totally dischargable 11/13 - Partially dischargable

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