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COMM 341: Problem set notes

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UVA Notes > COMM 341 > COMM 341: Problem set notes


  • 1. Read the instructions!
  • 2. Know about COMM 341: Securities Fraud (it's on the second page)
  • 3. 8 lawsuts, 2 questions each - total of 16?
  • 4. Appendix starts on page 5.
    • read the notes
  • 5. Answer the question with the capital letters "FROM THE APPENDIX"
    • example:
      • I. 1. A B D

  • Two things you're trying to find in the treasure hunt:
    • There's only one time when a CEA benefits the victim directly. Find it (once in the problem set).
    • US v Tobacco - find the cause of action on which it's based (it's in there!)
    • Try to find third party fraud in the problem set
  • Another thing you want to do:
    • See what you can find out about securities fraud
    • You're gonna read the securities act of 1934 & most important cases that intpreted it.
      • From this, you're going to be able to generate the 8 causes of action that comprise securities fraud

YOU CAN NOT DO THIS QUICKLY OR IN BIG CHUNKS This is more daunting than anyone can ever think off.

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