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Project CS (zh:扣分会议) was the VGOC gathering hosted at the house of Hope during Christmas Break 2006. It is named as such because of the low quality and general low popularity of Mrs Cutts and her teaching in recent months, suffered by at least 6 VGOC members. By then it was six months since the last VGOC gathering, the longest interval without a gathering since the foundation of VGOC. The Project was originally known as Project Lee T until Li cancelled the project because of a possible trip to DisneyLand. It was VGOC member Hope Huang's first host, and occured on the 28th and 29th of December.

Time to Come

everyone can show up as early as 230 in the after noon. the rule still holds. last person to arrive has to hunt for their own food. yes, that also includes rachel. bring sleeping bags if you intend to stay over and if you feel like bringing snacks, that would be cool. although i'm pretty sure i have more than enough.

bring foot ball and shovels.



ken, if your little brother is giving you trouble when he turns older, put him in a snow suit and beat him with a plastic baseball bat. Your mother will never know becuase he won't bruise.
Sand in a sock --Barbarossa 23:25, 19 December 2006 (EST)

wtf? y not just use a rubber hose? those don't leave marks either

i actually think that a rolling pin would still work. i don't think they can bruise over snow suits...
  • Lee T. ong!!!!
  • Lee T. own!!!!
  • Lee T. ong!!!!
  • Lee T. own!!!!
  • Lee T. ong!!!!
  • Lee T. pwn!!!!
  • Lee T. ong!!!!
  • Lee T. own!!!!
  • lol ok, if u dont know who is going to hosting this, then it's kinda sad.... just "planning" to, no promise

Hey JEETU is hosting this? Sweet!

  • yay finally another party!!!!! ---- Li Tong

(Now hosted by Hope, changing everything).


  • Snow Football never occured
  • Neither did Igloo building
  • Wii
  • Gamecube (Runs on the Wii system) - Controllers and games supplied by Sean and MF
  • PS2
    • Final Fantasy 12
  • Charades
  • Starcraft <-- i only have two comps.
  • Movies
    • Girl Next Door was watched.


A total of four games were played, with the only special role being that of the jestor. Zhang won the first game as jestor and the villagers swept the second game with incredible efficiency. The last game was marked by confusion as Ken left early and gave wrong information with regards to who the mafia were. Oleg dissapointed all by taking an incredibly long time to make a decision every round, but it should be noted that he was correct much of the time. MF and Nick trusted each other every game, and were a highly effective team.


Memorable charades included:

  • Mrs. Cutts having an orgasm (acted by Jiajia)
  • Various versions of Hank
  • Transexual Oleg

Guest List

hope's final list -
  1. Hope - confirmed
  2. Zhang - confirmed
  3. MF - confirmed
  4. Jia - confirmed
  5. Ken - confirmed, not staying over
  6. Nick - confirmed
  7. Oleg - confirmed
  8. Seanacton - Must forage for food
  9. Rocky - confirmed, not staying over
  10. Rachel - confirmed, <--in case ppl were wondering, not staying over
  11. Chucky - "maybe"

This is my final guess list. However, i can only provide food for 10 of the 11 people. the last one to arrive will have to hunt for his or her own food in my backyard.

Sounds cool. I just won't show up last. Good thing Chucky's back ^_^. ~MF

haha, yay! ppl can look for rotten apples! 9_9

Ricky's coming? yay --Barbarossa 23:26, 19 December 2006 (EST)

Guys we haven't agreed upon Rachel's VGOC name yet. So for now she has to be known as Rachel still, not "Ricky". ~Zhang 03:00, 20 December 2006 (EST)

ya, geez! 9_9

UR lame! how could u think its howard! *no offense to him or anything* i think my signature is a lot prettier ^_^ ~9_9

rachel, just because your signature isn't as cool as "hopebot" doesn't mean you can defend it against my hurtful remarks. *throws hurtfulness at rachel*.

Well, it does look like the "Howard Cookie" (Jia do you have a pic of that?). Anyways, hope, what time should we all be arriving? ~MF 01:17, 27 December 2006 (EST)

Sadly I do not have a picture of the Howard Cookie. We can look in Hope's neighbour's back yard for signs of dog defecation, perhaps it will look similar. Yes, MF raises an excellent point, when shall we come? I'm done being sick now. Ricky! Change your signature! Oh and I'm changing the Barbarossa. I figured I should prolly change it when I actually bothered to find out what it means, and Nazi plans to invade Russia are generally not a good username to have. --Barbarossa 19:01, 27 December 2006 (EST)

Huh, I always hated your name because of Pirates aka the most overhyped movie ever. Anyways, I've talked to seanacton and confirmed he's coming. And I believe it's last one to show up has to forage, so that will probably be Zhang or Oleg. ~MF 17:53, 28 December 2006 (EST)

To clear up, Barbarossa was not the Pirate, that was Barbossa, an unfortunate Coincidence. -Jia²

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