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California Pizza Kitchen Coupons

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Company Overview

If you've long been tired of traditional pizza concoctions -- such as the boring cheese, pepperoni, and sausage combinations that most restaurants offer -- then you've probably stumbled upon California Pizza Kitchen as an alternative to ho-hum pizza. The company, founded in Los Angeles, California, 1985, has made its name famous by offering unconventional pizzas that are as delicious as they are different.

Their "Original BBQ Chicken Pizza," which was indeed original when it was first added to the menu, has been so popular that it's now a mainstay at many other pizza restaurants across the country. California Pizza Kitchen also offers other unique takes on the art of good pizza, including a Thai pizza, a BLT pizza, and a pie that draws its inspiration from Jamaican jerk chicken.

The company operates 230 casual dining restaurants across the country with a traditional sit-down atmosphere; in addition to those more traditional restaurants, it has opened 32 "California Pizza Kitchen ASAP" kiosks in malls and airports for express access to its delicious and diverse line of products. It has even licensed its brand name to Kraft and has recently begun selling its products as frozen pizzas at supermarkets across the country.

With a company this big and this popular, there are always a great number of ways to save money when enjoying a delicious slice of unconventional pizza faire. From its own discount club to coupons both online as well as offline, customers can expect to get more pizza for less money, more often.

Customer Loyalty Club

California Pizza Kitchen knows that customers appreciate two things when looking for the best deal online: instant gratification and continual access to many ways to save money on their bill when they dine out. In order to meet both of these customer demands, they've established an online customer loyalty program that does, indeed, offer continual access to coupons and dining discounts.

But even more impressive is that every new member of the club gets five dollars off their next meal at any California Pizza Kitchen location simply by signing up. And signing up is as easy as entering your email address and confirming that you'd like to join. Shortly thereafter, California Pizza Kitchen will send out an email with a coupon offering that five dollar savings and you can enjoy a night out.

After that initial savings, the company will keep its loyal members updated on a frequently changing list of promotions, including free appetizers, new pizza varieties offered a discount, and even coupons for a certain percentage off your bill after you've finished your meal.

California Pizza Logo.

Restaurant Coupons Online and Offline

California Pizza Kitchen sends its most exclusive offers and discounts to those who sign up for its customer loyalty membership program, but those aren't the only deals available. For those who would rather not give out their email address to retailers' online mailing lists, the company regularly includes a sheet of coupons in the Sunday newspaper. They're pretty easy to spot, as they're bright yellow and generally have pictures highlighting the company's non-traditional offerings. Most of the mailers sent out in the Sunday paper offer discounts on curbside service and certain varieties of the company's pizza offerings. It's a great way to try something new and take a risk without spending full price.

Online coupon websites also offer coupon codes usable for online ordering, as well as coupons that can be printed and taken to a California Pizza Kitchen location or ASAP kiosk in malls and airports. These websites are a great resource for the many folks who have abandoned traditional newspaper subscriptions and don't have access to the extensive coupons included with those newspapers.

Frozen Pizza Coupons

Many of California Pizza Kitchen's coupon mailers will also include at least one coupon to try their frozen pizza products that are now available at most supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. But, since these products are technically licensed to Kraft and sold by that company, coupons for frozen pizza products can be found in many independent coupon mailers.

For this reason, discounts on the company's line of frozen pizza products can be harder to find and easier to overlook; however, they are frequently included with Sunday newspapers and just require a more discerning eye in order to be found.

Community Coupons

In communities where California Pizza Kitchen operates a restaurant, they will typically offer special group savings options to sites like Groupon and Living Social. These websites thrive because users essentially "buy in bulk" and get a group rate on a meal. Typical deal offerings will be something like $30 of California Pizza dining for only fifteen dollars. Users just accept the deal, enter their billing information, and get a coupon emailed directly to their inbox that they can print out and take to their community's restaurant.

These deals are generally pared with quite stringent requirements and can only be redeemed at a specific restaurant rather than the entire nationwide line of locations. Be sure to read the terms of the deal so that your coupon works when you need it most. No one enjoys dining out, only to discover that the bill is higher than they had budgeted for!

The ways to save on California Pizza Kitchen products, from restaurant menu options to frozen products, are as diverse as the many pizzas the company has invented and made world-famous. Be sure to clip coupons, join the member loyalty program, and check online group coupon websites for the best deals.

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