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Canoe Trips 2006

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Canoe Trip 2006 took place from Thursday, June 8th to Saturday, June 10th.


Several VGOC members went on the trip:

  • MF
  • Zhang
  • Jiajia
  • Hope
  • Howard

Brendan was unable to come, but was signed up.

Going There

Everybody gathered in the parking lot of RCWC at 7AM to load food and things. It was at this point that they realised more water was needed, and so Hope's parents set off to buy two flats of water, which proved to be enough. People piled into cars and drove north. The drive was hampered only by MF's Mom turning the wrong way and leading everyone down the wrong road, despite MF saying "Turn right here".


The weather was good while loading the canoes, and for about 30 minutes afterwards, after which it got cloudy and windy. The wind was so bad that the river looked like it was flowing backwards, and it was very difficult paddling. By Friday morning, the wind had not let up, and it had started to rain, which dampened the spirits of everyone for the day. High winds forced the stoppage of the canoes around noon that day, and the rain never let up, and got many things wet. At one point, a gust of wind took ahold of Jiajia's tent, and it was seen drifting across the sand.

Come Sunday morning, the weather had improved greatly, and the trip into the pickup at PA proved to be quite enjoyable... for half and hour.


Jiajia, MF, Hope and Zhangs food group brought a variety of food items on the trip, including pancakes, meat, and oranges. However, due to camping on sandbars, everything tasted like sand. The oranges were origionally rations for each person to have four, but due to Zhangs laziness and MF's spoild-ness (He needed to have the oranges quartered for him, like Jesus Christ)Jiajia and Hope ended up consuming the oranges. Hope and Jiajia later had a barbeque at Jiajia's house, which MF an Zhang did not want to attend. Hope and Jiajia ate the rest of the meat too. Jiajia is proud to say he pissed for about one whole minute when he got home. If you think thats a short time, you try it. [The article must be continued...]

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