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Captain D's Coupons

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Company Overview

If you love a good fish fry, then be sure to make Captain D's your next destination for great food and a friendly atmosphere. Building its name on great seafood since 1969, this is your one stop for great fish and chips.

It's also famous for having a great low-carbohydrate menu for diners who are looking to eat smart and delicious at the same time. With over 600 locations across 23 states, it's one of the largest seafood chain restaurants in the United States.

Menu Information

As stated previously, the name of the game is great seafood. Many of the selections revolve around fried seafood, whether it's fish, shrimp, or crab. Most plates offer greens and French fries as a side, adding some nutritional variation to the seafood-centric platters. Much like Kentucky Fried Chicken, they offer many two-piece to four-piece dinner options, which include a side of hush puppies and two other sides, meaning that you're never at risk to go hungry when eating at Captain D's. Sides range from steamed vegetables to baked potatoes, and macaroni and cheese to corn on the cob.


For those who want a bit of finer dining, there's a plethora of seafood platters available, such as a Seafood Scapmi Platter, which incorporates tilapia and shrimp in a decadent sauce over a bed of rice with breadsticks and two other sides. With a penchant for large portions, this is a great location for families to come and share food with one another.

Captain D Logo.


Even if you don't like large fish platters, you're sure to feel nourished after eating at Captain D's. The salads offer a lighter option while still incorporating great seafood options, making it the perfect option for those on a diet. Meanwhile, the sandwiches are equal parts hearty and healthy, giving you a good amount of food without the calories. For the little ones, there's a plethora of Kids' Menu options, giving you a great variety with portions fit to serve smaller stomachs.

Family Meals

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are family meals meant to be shared by three to four people at a time. These portions are large enough to share with everyone and make certain that nobody leaves the dining table hungry. Finally, what would dinner be without desert? Captain D's offers a wide variety of brand-name cakes and confections for those who might happen to have a little bit more room in their stomach and still need to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Children & Senior Citizen Discounts

When it comes to promotions, you're sure to find what you need at Captain D's! At participating locations, kids eat for free on Thursdays! This offer allows you to get two free kids' meals with the purchase of any adult entree, making it great for smaller families. Moreover, Sundays and Wednesdays are senior days at participating locations.

On these days, diners who are 62 and older get one of the ten signature entrees and a drink for the low price of $4.49! This is a great way to treat a parent or a grandparent to an amazing meal without breaking the bank. If you're looking for more great deals, the official restaurant website is always listing amazing bargains along with locations that are honoring them.

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