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Cascade Coupons

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Cascade dishwashing and their other cleaning products are well-known and loved by a great deal of people. Cascade first entered the market in 1953 with promises of cleaning dishes to perfection. Back then, only 4% of all households were equipped with a dishwasher, but Cascade stayed with it and has remained the industry leader for over 50 years.

Today, over 60% of all households are equipped with a dishwasher and Cascade continues to produce innovative products to attain to the needs of families. Their line contains an amazing variety of products including gels, additives, powders, and tablets.

While most households now have a dishwasher, there are still many people out there that do not know how to properly use one. Below, you’ll find some useful tips and solutions.

While it may not seem important, the way in which you load your washer is in fact very important. Place the dishes to where they’re facing away from you and towards the center of the washer, and place all plastic items on the upper rack.

Specialty Products

For very tough and deep-rooted stains and hard-to-clean dishes, try Cascade Complete. It’ll easily dissolve tough food particles and clean them perfectly the first time. There are always moments after parties or large dinners where pots, pans, plates, and silverware will be dirtier than normal.

Cascade Detergebt

Cascade Complete will tackle this tough task without a problem. Cascade Complete comes in ActionPacs, a gel, and a powder. You can get coupons for it straight from Cascade at CascadeClean.com.

When loading silverware, place some facing up and some facing down. This will prevent unwanted nesting. Also, use Cascade Complete with bleach for your mugs and cups if your household drinks a lot of coffee or teas.

This will help remove the stains associated with those drinks. Let your hot water heat up by running your kitchen’s faucet for a few seconds. This will ensure that your dishwasher will be using hot water.

Energy Saving Tips

Save energy by using your dishwasher in the evening. Running it during off-peak hours may save you a few bucks off the monthly energy bill. You can also save energy during the drying cycle. Dry your dishes efficiently with Cascade Rinse Aid and feel free to set your washer to “energy saver” or “no heat.” Save water by doing away with the pre-wash. Cascade ActionPacs will replace the pre-wash and save both money and water.

Do you ever wonder why your glasses have a foggy appearance after they run through the washer? That fogginess is called etching and it is both annoying and unwanted. Cascade knows this and that’s why they’ve created ShineShield. Cascade with ShineShield provides etching protection to ensure that your glasses never look foggy again and retain their original shine.

A few products were mentioned above, but buying all of them can add up and be pretty expensive. Luckily, there are several coupons you can take advantage of and there are several places you can get them.

Cascade Coupons

Cascade coupons will come in handy in saving money and to make sure your dishes are getting as clean as possible. Some people may think they have to go through great lengths including cutting through newspapers and searching through the Penny Saver in order to get coupons.

While those are both great avenues, good coupons are often right in front of your face. Cascade frequently places coupons right on the bottle inside grocery stores that are usable on your next visit. Even better, there may be “take one” coupons in the grocery aisle that are usable immediately.

What most of us view as annoying “junk mail” may be armed with huge savings. Instead of throwing away the advertisements the first chance you get, take a moment to scan through them and pick out offers that appeal to you. All the offers may not be at a single store, but they may be very well worth the trip.

There are also several searchable online venues that offer Cascade Coupons. However, there isn’t a better place to get them than straight from the source. Go to Cascade Clean and click on “special offers” to view some of their best deals.

Cascade's Quality

We all know that it is very tempting to purchase the lesser off-brand because it may be some change or a $1 cheaper. Sometimes, and very understandingly, you just can’t afford it. Well, a coupon will make the better product such as Cascade much more affordable and often the same price or a little cheaper than the off-brand. Never again will you have to settle because you deserve the best.

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