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Bastet Gifts

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For more elaboration, please see the Bastet Breedbook unless otherwise notified.

Breed Gifts

Bastet Homid Breed Gifts

Bastet Metis Breed Gifts

Feline Breed Gifts

General Gifts

Rank One

Banish Sickness


Command Attention


Lick Wounds

Pathfinder’s Pride

Razor Claws – as the Ahroun Gift

Sense of the Truth – As the Philodox Gift: Truth of Gaia.

Sense Unmaker’s Hand – As the Metis Gift: Sense Wyrm

Silent Stalking

Spirits’ Sight


Rank Two

Call Spirits

Cat Sight – As the Level Three Metis Gift: Eyes of the Cat

Eerie Eyes – As the Garou Homid Gift: Staredown

First Slash – As the Level Two Ahroun Gift: Spirit of the Fray.

Night Terror

Night’s Passage

Sense of the Prey

Sense Silver


Summon Water

Swipe – As the Level Two Ragabash Gift: Taking the Forgotten

Touch of the Mind – As the Garou Metis Gift: Mental Speech

Rank Three

Call the Pride


Cat Fear

Cheshire Prank

Command the Prey


Freyja’s Blessing

Gift of Rage

Ignore Pain

Impala’s Flight


Righteous Gaze

Rank Four




Spirit Claws


Walking Between Worlds

Wolf’s Terror – As the Ahroun Gift: Silver Claws

Rank Five

Future Warning

Jump to the Moon

Perfect Passage

Soothe/Summon Storm

Withering Stare

Tribe Gifts

Bagheera Breed Gifts

Balam Breed Gifts

Ceilican Breed Gifts

Pumonca Breed Gifts

Qualmi Breed Gifts

Swara Breed Gifts

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