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Category:Character Creation Rules

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Stat Generation

Ability scores are generated for new characters using either a 25-point point-buy or random rolls. For random rolls use the standard 4d6 method to roll two sets of stats and pick whichever you like more. If the total modifier for a rolled set is equal to or less than zero the set is rerolled. If the total cost to point-buy a rolled set is less than 25 points it may be rerolled once. Once you decide to roll your stats you cannot later decide to use the point-buy method instead.

Hit Points

Take the maximum number of hit points for your class at level one. Each subsequent level's hit points are generated by rolling the appropriate hit die for your class twice and dropping the lowest roll. If the highest die is a "1" both may be rerolled.

Classes, Feats, Spells, and Prestige Classes

Classes, Feats, Spells, and Prestige classes may be selected from any of the following books, with one caveat: anything specific to a published campaign is almost certainly unavailable. In particular this means languages belonging to campaign-specific races or deities from published settings won't be available and prestige classes or feats that use them as prerequisites are likewise unavailable.

Note: Extra rules from these books are being taken on a case-by-case basis, so if something you want to take relies on a rule not found in the Player's Handbook I or Dungeon Master's Guide (ie, Skill Tricks) ask me first.

  • Core books
    • Dungeon Master's Guide
    • Player's Handbook
    • Player's Handbook II
    • Spell Compendium
  • Splat books
    • The Complete Adventurer
    • The Complete Arcane
    • The Complete Champion
    • The Complete Divine
    • The Complete Scoundrel
    • The Complete Warrior

Consider any third party books to be automatically ruled out.



Starting equipment

Still thinking about this, but you'll most likely start with a fairly standard amount of cash monies. Equipment can be bought with your starting gold, but I most likely won't allow you to purchase any magic items except in special cases. Masterwork stuff is okay if you can afford it. Subject to change, restrictions may apply.

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