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Combat Modifiers

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Maneuvers Table

  • (A) Maneuver causes Aggrivated damage
  • (C) Maneuver carrier over to successive turns
  • (K) Maneuver causes knockdown
  • (R) Maneuver reduccesan opponents attack successes

Maneuver Trait Accuracy Difficulty Damage
Bite Dex+Brawl +1 Normal Str+1 (A)
Block Dex+Brawl Special Normal (R)
Claw Dex+Brawl Normal Normal Str+1 (A)
Clinch Dex+Brawl Normal Normal Str (C)
Disarm Dex+Melee Normal +1 Special
Dodge Dex+Dodge Special Normal (R)
Hold Str+Brawl Normal Normal (C)
Kick Dex+Brawl Normal +1 Str+1
Parry Dex+Melee Special Normal (R)
Strike Dex+Brawl Normal Normal Str
Sweep Dex+Brawl/Melee Normal +1 Str (K)
Tackle Str+Brawl Normal +1 Str+1 (K)
Weapon Strike Dex+Melee Normal Normal As per Weapon
Automatic Fire Dex+Firearms +10 +2 Weapon
Multiple Shots Des+Firearms Special Normal Weapon
Strafing Dex+Firearms +10 +2 Weapon
3 Round Burst Dex+Firearms +2 +1 Weapon
Two Weapons Dex+Firearms Special +1/Off Hand Weapon

  • Aiming A character can spend time aiming at a target. This adds +1 Dice to the attack, plus 1 additional dice per turn aiming to a maximum of the characters Perception rating. If a Scope is used it adds +2 dice to the characters pool in the first turn of aiming.
  • Reloading Takes one full turn or can be achieved as a part of a Multiple action.
  • Range -2 Diff for short range within 2ft, +2 Diff for long range anything over the range listed for the weapon used.
  • Multiple Shots/Actions The character can make a number of shots = the rate of the gun. Each shot/action reduces the first shit/actions dice pool by the total number of shots/actions taken. Each shot/action after that's dice pull is reduced by one communicative.
  • Cover Light-laying prone +1 Diff to get shot, Good-behind a wall +2 Diff, Superior head only showing +3 Diff.
  • Two Weapons As per Multiple Actions and +1 Diff for using off hand unless Ambidextrous.
  • Blinded All actions taken against a blinded opponent receives +2 dice. All actions taken by the blinded character as made at +2 Diff.
  • Dazed If a target takes an amount of damage as their Stamina rating (mortals) or Stamina +2 (Vampires) in one action they are considered Dazed. They must spend their next action shaking it off.
  • Stake through the heart To paralyse a vampire, impale the heart with wood. Diff 9 Damage Str +2.

Feats Table

These are just a few of the possible actions that can be performed. Doesn't Include Mental or Social Feats.

Maneuver Action Trait Difficulty Notes
Automatic Feats and Performing an Action
Healing Multiple Stamina+Survival 8 Failure-loss of Blood point & no healing, Botch-loss of Blood and +1 damage taken.
Getting up Multiple Dex+Athletics 4 Failure mean you cant take an action as well.
Readying Weapon Multiple Dex+Melee 4 Failure-no weapon readied.
Physical Feats
Climbing Extended Dex+Athletics Varying Diff determined by surface. Move 10ft per succ. Using Ferrel Claws or Bone Crafting form Vicissitude -2 Diff.
Jumping Single Dex/Str+Athletics 3 Each succ = 2ft Vertically or 4ft Horizontally
Shadowing Resisted Dex+Stealth/Drive 6 If score 1 or more succ than target remain unseen. Crowd/Traffic/Weather can change Diff.
Spot Shadow Resisted Perception+Alertness 6 If score 1 or more Follower is seen.
Sneaking Resisted Dex+Stealth 6 Same as Shadowing.
Swimming Single/Scene Dex+Athletics 6 Need at least 1 dot in Athletics.
Weapons Tables Firearms Tables

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