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EverQuest (EQ) is a massive multi-player online role play game (MMORPG) owned and operated by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Based in the world of Norrath there are sixteen races, sixteen classes and several deities that provide a wide array of playable characters.

As of February 15, 2007 there are thirteen available expansions creating hundreds of zones, thousands of quests, seventy-five character levels, and a seemingly endless number of items. With the addition of new items and quests almost daily the world of EverQuest is endless.

You may create your character on one of the many servers, train your character in one of the game's tradeskills, join a guild to keep in touch with them through a handy guild channel, or even create a fellowship with some of your friends that may or may not be in your guild. There is also a selection of mounts for your character that you may choose from.

EverQuest and Sony Online Entertainment are registered trademarks of Sony Online Entertainment.


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