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Alright. We're going to be straight with you here: The two character types outlined below were originally made for use in Mage. More specifically, in a Technocracy setting. Now, we've taken these concepts and worked very hard in re-balancing them and porting them over to Sorcerer. This is all still very much experimental, hence the heavy restrictions on these character types. We hope to streamline and reform this as we go and make them more easily integrated into a main sorcerer campaign.

Here is some cool information type stuff below!

Irene removed the plug from the small node just under her ear. "I've completed an examination of the data. It supports our hypothesis that the deviants were engaged in some sort of smuggling operation, involving specialized weapons and poisons."

Devon nodded and watched uneasily as the cord on her palm computer snaked back into its spring-coiled slot. Irene flipped a small patch of false skin over the input port, resuming her mostly human appearance. Something about that always unnerved him. He wondered briefly how much of her was similarly disguised with nothing but metal and plastic underneath.

Some agents are created more human than others. Enhanced agents have either been genegineered in a laboratory, cloned from other Technocrats or equipped with cybertech. With this Background, you become one of them. This Trait allows you to choose one of two options:

• As a cyborg, you have certain biomechanical devices integrated within your body — biomesh armor, Primium bones, plasma cannons or infra-red scanners. (See "Biotech" and "Biomods" in Chapter Eight for details.) The Background rating allows you to possess a certain amount of cybernetic Enhancement, at the cost of one cybernetic flaw per dot of Enhancement.

• As a genegineered human, you possess certain physical enhancements that make you stronger, faster, tougher, smarter, more beautiful or more perceptive than a normal Homo sapiens. The Background rating allows you to raise certain Attributes above their normal maximums, at the cost of permanent genetic Flaws. These two options may not be mixed. Experiments along these lines have had disastrous results. Each option has certain rules and limitations:

• Cybernetics: Whatever form they take — from nanotech to mechanical limbs — cybernetics are essentially machines keyed to your body. If Control wishes to teach you a lesson, these devices may be removed, crippling or killing you in the process. As a walking investment, you'll be monitored even more thoroughly than most Technocracy agents already are; if you go rogue, they'll make it a priority to get you back. Those machines can be targeted by Reality Deviant mages, too. Consider the cyborg attacked by a Virtual Adept. It's not pretty. (See "Biotech.") Once it's set up, mechanical cybertech cannot be augmented with additional Procedures or magic; after your Plasma Cannon is installed, you can't use additional Forces Procedures to make it more powerful. If a rival sorcerer turns Life-based spells against you, however, she can make a mess of your modifications. Many a badass cyborg has been creamed by a witch who made his body reject the machines! In game terms, destructive Life spells inflict two additional health levels of aggravated damage if they get past your countermagic. To offset this vulnerability, most cyborgs are outfitted with Primium Countermeasures (again, see "Biotech"). If that gets past your protection, though, you're screwed! Biomods — genetic mutations like gills and claws — count as cybernetics for game purposes, even though they come from genegineering, not biomechanics. Unlike cybernetics, biomods are not subject to removal (although a sadistic agent can cut them off), and they cannot be forced out of your body the way cybernetics can. Hence, the Life magic penalty does not apply to biomods. Like other genegineered agents, a character with biomods must also take at least one Biomod Flaw per level of Enhancement.

• Genegineering: Bioconstructs are far more subtle than cyborgs; unless the Enhancement is painfully obvious — like the ability to lift a car or make Cindy Crawford look homely — you seem perfectly normal. Sadly, genetic hyperscience is far from perfect. Bioconstructs still have bugs in their designs like chronic insanity, poor health, spontaneous cancer, nagging pains and degenerative tissue. In game terms, these take the form of Genetic Flaws inborn disabilities that render "perfect" humanoids a little less than perfect. Even without the Flaws, an obviously inhuman person stands out. Stunning beauty or surpassing genius rouse jealousy among "lesser" people, some of whom will go out of their way to make your life miserable. Incredible strength, agility or endurance often manifest as physical abnormalities (gigantic muscles, leathery skin or hypersensitive reflexes) that make it hard to keep a low profile. You and your Storyteller should play up these quirks whenever possible.

The following Attributes can be modified with Enhancements: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Appearance, Perception, Intelligence and Health. Regardless of justification, no other Trait may be modified this way. They can be divided between several different Attributes (three to Strength, two to Health and so forth).

Like the Background: Device (Talisman), each dot in Enhancements costs two Background points, not one; the modifications are essentially built-in devices. This Back ground cannot be requisitioned, shared, or pooled. It may be raised with experience points, however, provided someone performs an intricate operation to update the technology Although certain bizarre Technocrats may have more than five dots in Enhancements, we do not recommend allowing player characters to go that high. This Trait is powerful enough already.

• +1 point of Attributes, or 3 points for Devices. One point of Cybernetic or Biomod flaw required.

• • +2 points of Attributes, or 6 points for Devices. Two points of Cybernetic or Biomod flaw required.

• • • +3 points of Attributes, or 9 points for Devices. Three points of Cybernetic or Biomod flaw required.

• • • • +4 points of Attributes, or 12 points for Devices. Four points of Cybernetic or Biomod flaw required.

• • • • • +5 points of Attributes, or 15 points for Devices. Five points of Cybernetic or Biomod flaw required.

List of Cybernetic Enhancements

List of Biological Modifications

(Note: No matter which type you choose, some biomods may also be used as cybernetic enhancements, and vice-versa. Be sure to read both lists for a comprehensive knowledge of what is available for your character.)

Now, cybernetics may be advanced, but they are still machines,and may be removed or forced from the body by unpleasant surgery or magic. A cyborg who is Incapacitated or otherwise immobilized may be operated on by anyone who is ruthless and skilled enough to do it. (In game terms, a character with the Traits: Biotech, Medicine, or Science: Cybernetics could be so skilled.) If you are so robbed of your cybernetics, you lose one permanent health level for each point of the device removed. (for example, a three point device costs three permanent health levels) until someone can restore the stolen machine. Specific replacements or supplemental organs may immediately kill a character at the Storyteller’s discretion.

A mage with any of the traits listed above can also foul the cyborg’s operating systems with successful magic attack. A vulgar life 3/Forces 2/ Prime 2 spell can disrupt cybernetics if the wizard has targeted them. If the attacker rolls five or more successes, the cybernetics go completely offline until a repair tech can get to them. There are no mage PCs in play here, but bear in mind that there may be mage NPCs, so this is still a very real possibility and danger.

Powering the devices requires mana. Even with passive devices, they drain one mana per day just to remain active and usable. Any power that must be actively used, such as popping out claws, costs one mana to activate for the scene. A sorcerer may fully regain his or her pool of mana with eight consecutive hours of sleep. Bear in mind that this also holds true for psychic sorcerers, so don’t bother creating a psychic cyborg if you do not intend to purchase mana along with everything else.

Most of these enhancements don’t show outwardly, so people will not suspect your true nature unless you do something stupid like launch a rocket into a crowded street, or climb sheer glass walls.

List of Cybernetic Flaws

List of Biological Flaws

(Note: No matter which type you choose, some biological flaws may also be used as cybernetic flaws, and vice-versa. Be sure to read both lists for a comprehensive knowledge of what is available for your character.)

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