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Looking Glass

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Wind rattles through the rusted chain-link fence that encircles the junkyard like the arms of a cold, steel lover. The steel chassis of the twisted hulks within creak and groan to the growing tempest, as if protesting the gathering strength of the storm.

The burning burst of a whistling bullet tears through the cacophony with all the brutish strength of a jet slamming into the sound barrier. Its intended target glides out of the way with effortless grace, with a speed unmatched by any man. Her arm lashes out towards the man, and a chain whips out, wrapping around his wrist and pulling up, yanking the pistol from his grasp.

The man lumbers towards one of the creaking chassis, and the wreckage of a once-fine oldsmobile shivers to life, the man bulking himself up somehow and lifting it, before he painstakingly launches its cumbersome bulk towards the woman. It barrels straight into its intended victim with absolute accuracy, but its victim was no longer there. It crunched into a twist of rusting metal.

And then the icy bite of a wicked, toothy blade plunges into his unbeating heart.

The Skinny:

Welcome to Looking Glass, a channel set in the New World of Darkness. This channel centers itself around vampires and all the manifold, bizarre happenings that occur all about them. The city draws vampires to the place like sirens beckoning Odysseus, and nobody has any clue as to why. It is simply a subtle pull, a gentle, tugging draw that leads some vampire’s steps to this grand city while others ignore the call.

A vast compound stands proud and dirty over the buildings around it, the den of sin known only as ‘Wretched Excess’ beckoning the less unsullied populous into its doors of vice and iniquity. The owner of the den is a rather discerning, particular fellow; only certain, chosen people may be allowed within.

One must be wary in the city, however, as the vampiric community has lately been plagued by curious, unexplained disappearances. People simply appear one day and vanish the next, never to be heard from again. Elders whisper in hushed, frightened tones of unseen figures, taking the lives of the undead. Still others blame the wars of the sorcerers, whose magic blood is drunk greedily by the thirsting asphalt as their battles pour over into the shadowed world of the Kindred. Who is to say what causes these lost ones to vanish?

The OOC Channel is #Looking-Glass, on irc.sorcery.net, and it is the place to be, kids.

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