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Charmin Coupons

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History of Charmin

Charmin is a popular toilet paper brand in the US first manufactured in 1928 by the Hoberg Paper company and was acquired by Procter and Gamble in the 1950s. Most recently redesigned in the late 1990s, this well-liked brand of toilet tissue is currently marketed by a family of animated bears and a catchy “Cha-cha-cha…Charmin” theme.

The company touts several varieties of tissue including Basic, Ultra Soft, Ultra Strong and Sensitive, as well as pre-moistened wipes called Freshmates. Charmin Basic is a single ply tissue that is designed to be both durable and long lasting, and thus budget friendly. The Ultra Strong variety features Charmin’s trademarked DiamondWeave texturing, ensuring strength for cleanliness with minimal tearing.

On the other hand, the Ultra Soft variety is lauded for its absorbency and gentleness and is described by Charmin as “America’s softest bath tissue”. Charmin Sensitive is infused with lotion containing aloe and vitamin E to treat delicate skin while cleaning. Freshmates are flushable, pre-moistened wipes that are sold in a practical popup dispenser.

Charmin's Nature-Friendly Ingredients

All Charmin products are free of inks, dyes and perfumes and are safe for septic systems. In fact, Charmin tests all its products to ensure that they are safe for disposal in drain lines, sewers, septic tanks and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

In fact, a video is available on the Charmin website describing what happens to toilet paper after it is flushed. In recent years, the company has demonstrated a commitment to the environment by reducing energy use in its manufacturing process by more than 15%. The pulp used in the manufacturing process is sourced from certified suppliers, meaning that more trees are planted or regrown than are utilized for production and the wood is harvested legally and is not from High Conservation Value Forests.

Charmin Logo

Furthermore, protection of wildlife, water sources and unique forest areas is highly valued and monitored by third party audits. Although the cardboard rolls in Charmin toilet paper are made of 100% recycled fiber, the company states that use of recycled fibers in its tissue could affect various aspects of quality including strength, absorbency and softness, thus new materials are utilized for the toilet paper itself.

Charmin's Product Process

Charmin’s website states that the company focuses on using raw materials as efficiently as possible, and details of Procter and Gamble’s wood pulp procurement and sustainability policies are available on the company’s website.

Charmin Coupons

Charmin offers a variety of coupons and special offers on its website. Procter and Gamble frequently circulates its P&G brandSAVER coupon booklet in Sunday newspapers. This booklet includes coupons for a number of Procter and Gamble products, including as much as $1.00 off multiple Charmin products.

P&G everyday solutions (http://www.pgeverydaysolutions.com) provides a utility to search for the newspapers that carry this coupon booklet. Consumers can also register on this website to receive emails containing special deals, samples, sweepstakes and coupons.

Additionally, savings are frequently available through the P&G estore.

Charmin and Upromise

Charmin also offers savings through Upromise ecoupons. Upromise is a rewards program geared to be a unique way to save for college by shopping certain corporate partners. Upromise ecoupons are acquired by signing up for the service and loading the coupon onto a Upromise registered grocery card.

first time users of the estore receive 10% off their entire purchase and shipping is always a flat rate of $5. Specials change regularly and information regarding the current specials is available by signing up for the P&G estore email list.

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