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Cheek to Cheek Planning

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This is the planning board for "Cheek to Cheek," which is Jesse Niou's (NSS) goodbye party held for his swing dancing colleagues. If you would like to celebrate but do not fit in this category, there are various other events going on (not necessarily organized by him).
He is leaving in January 2006 to go to Charleston, SC for school.

You can help (even if you live thousands of miles away) by contributing your ideas. Try to follow format, and if you don't know how to, just talk about it in the discussion tabs on top of every page. Thank you for your help!

Current priorities:


Cheek to Cheek Planning: General Planning

The broad scheme of things.

Current Priorities:

  • Acquire Private Location

Cheek to Cheek Planning: Staffing

Current Priorities

Delegating responsibility into various departments.

Department heads:

  • Main designers: Jesse N and Sarah M
  • Hosting:
  • Food:
  • Venue (2):
  • Tables:

Department Volunteers:

  • -

Cheek to Cheek Planning: Food

Whatever is edible (and some things that aren't).

Current priorities

  • Listing out needs. Planning budget.

Cheek to Cheek Planning: Setting and Ambience

Whatever has to do with the venue itself. Lighting, Music, Floor, etc.

Current priorities

Cheek to Cheek Planning: Tables

What goes on top of the tables, seating, etc. from start to display. Most of the papers can be found here, including the program.

Cheek to Cheek Planning: Entertainment

The difficult task of entertaining people with incredibly short attention spans.

Current Priorities

Just some game ideas. What matches the time period?


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