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Cheek to Cheek Planning: Food

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Here is the page on food in the grand scheme of Cheek to Cheek Planning.


Table Drinks


As per tradition. $3/bottle.

  • Fizzy and non-alcoholic!
  • How much do we need is the question! Usually 1 and half bottles per person?
  • Assuming $4.50/person, for 16, we'd end up with $72 total.

Italian Sodas

  • A couple flavors:
    • Cherry
    • Vanilla
    • Almaretto
    • Peach
    • Lemon

  • Various other drinks including wine? $2 a glass donation? Maybe hire a bartender.
  • Soda in the ice chest. Or bring a minifridge.

All-Around Drinks

Hors D'oeuvres:


Definite yes. Maybe 4 pounds or so. Probably want to make things as simple as possible and buy the precooked frozen, peeled, deveined stuff. I hate shelling shrimp (even though the flavor is dramatically better).


The mini-quiche packs. Pre-made. Whee.

  • (maybe 50 or 60)

Olives, salami, and cheese

  • Olives you can buy in a large jar... $5-6 should serve everyone)


What do you feel like? Add on your ideas, no matter how crazy they are! Include an estimated cost of serving everyone.

  • Deviled Eggs (No they're fattening)
  • Smoked Salmon ($20 should make more than enough).
  • Sushi? (Can't make it, don't know.)
    • Would also need Wasabi and soy sauce.
  • Artichokes (And spinach- butter dip!)
  • Chicken Wings (Vons has $6 for 4 lb.)
  • Avocados (with... something)
  • Ribs

Main Courses:

  • Stuffed Ravioli
    • Needs ravioli, cheese, etc.
  • Filet Mignon Steak - about $10/lb?
    • 4 or 6 oz. No one will be able to finish an 8 oz. with the appetizers, let alone finish and 8 oz. steak with appetizers and dance.
  • Tri-Tip Steak - about $9/lb?
    • We have to make them small.


Vegetable Salad

  • Spinach Salad? ($8/4 people)
    • (I'm allergic to spinach). Spinach is the good stuff, but expensive. Maybe $8 to serve 4 people? So $32 will serve everyone?
    • Add cranberries and walnuts?
  • Caesar Salad ($5 / 4 people)
    • Cheapest stuff around. $20 will serve everyone.

Salad Toppings

  • Bleu Cheese is definitely a must
  • Olive oil and basalmic vinegar is easily made.
  • I hate ranch. god that sucks.
  • Walnut and rasberry or apple vinegar would be great.
  • Bacon Bits
  • Nuts
  • Chicken strips?

Other Sides

  • Potato Salad


Clam Chowder

Might be a little too rich. Probably will reconsider.

Chicken Noodle Soup

One that's not only fresh, but NOT WAY TOO F-ING SALTY.

Chestnut Soup

This is a definite must. I can't currently find my recipe.


  • Ice cream ($10 for a gallon)
  • Chocolate cake?
  • Fruit lots of fruit.
  • Creme Brulee
  • Cheesecake, granted, would be lovely, but much too filling.

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