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Cheesecake Factory Coupons

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Most people enjoy eating at the Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant is known for serving good food and large portions to customers. While the food is a big hit, the desserts are also delicious treats.

History of Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory was originally started by two people, Oscar and Evelyn Overton. Evelyn was always known as a good cook, and her cheesecake recipe was so loved that she opened a cheesecake store in Detroit in the late 1940’s. She had two small children, so she closed the shop and dedicated herself to her family, but she still baked the cheesecakes in the basement of her home. She sold the cakes to local restaurants.

In 1972 when the children were all grown, the Overton’s took their cheesecake business to Los Angeles. They were in their early 50’s by this time. They then took all of their savings and opened The Cheesecake Factory, which was a 700 square foot store, where they worked 18 hours a day baking and selling the cheesecakes. There were some lean times trying to grow the business.

But eventually their reputation grew, along with sales, and Evelyn expanded their cheesecake offerings to 20 different varieties and baked other desserts as well. They purchased trucks, hired drivers, and sold their baked goods from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and also developed out-of-state customers.

In 1978 their son David opened up The Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. He did not have restaurant experience, but he had a good product and good intuition. The restaurant served generous portions, offered an inventive selection of food, and made the food fresh daily. No wonder The Cheesecake Factory was a great success.

Over 30 years later The Cheesecake Factory has nearly 150 locations. The Overton’s dream of running a successful business has been realized. The Cheesecake Factory often has a waiting list for diners seeking a good food experience. It is a popular place for friends to get together for lunch or dinner.

Cheesecake Factory Logo.

The Cheesecake Factory Menu

The Cheesecake Factory is known for good food and generous servings. Their more than 200 menu items are made fresh daily. The menu spans from appetizers, to include pasta, fish and seafood, hamburgers, steaks and chops, and specialty items each day. They also do catering, and many of their restaurants have curbside pickup for take-out orders. They offer plain cheesecake as well as flavors such as Godiva chocolate, fresh banana cream, peanut butter fudge ripple, lemon raspberry cream, and red velvet cake, to name a few.

The restaurants are open seven days a week, and stay open late. They have a fully stocked bar, so if there is a wait for a seat the diner can enjoy a pre-dinner drink at the bar. The décor is elegant, the menu is upscale, but it is a casual dining restaurant. Families feel just as comfortable dining at The Cheesecake Factory as do couples out on a special date.

One of the reasons people enjoy dining at The Cheesecake Factory is that usually the meal is too much to eat, so lunch or dinner the next day is a possibility from the leftovers. They also have menu selections for children, as it is a restaurant that is very kid-friendly.

Locations of Cheesecake Factory

There are Cheesecake Factory restaurants in Delaware, Ohio, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, and Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and Maryland. There is a map of locations and other states on their website. The locations all offer the same basic menu along with friendly service.

Cheesecake Factory Coupons

By joining The Cheesecake Factory preferred customer on their website, access to newsletters, new menu selections, and restaurant discounts are available. The Cheesecake Factory will also offer special offers periodically. It pays to check the website to find out what specials are happening at the restaurant. Coupons for a free appetizer or slice of cheesecake are often available on the web site.

Getting discount coupons by signing up as a Cheesecake Factory customer is worth it if the restaurant is one that is frequented often. Though name, zip code and email address are requested, they do not sell or share the information with anyone else. They ask for birth date in order to send special discount coupons so the special day can be shared in the restaurant. The web site will even ask for cheesecake favorite preference. The web site also has a site where a person can shop for their specialty cheesecake products.

Coupon Availability

There are coupons available periodically in the Sunday newspaper circulars. Keep an eye out for them. Other coupon sites have printable coupons, but be careful to check the veracity of the coupons and any expiration dates.

If interested in going for a meal at a special time, call ahead to see if The Cheesecake Factory is offering any special deals. Ask if they have coupons available. Sometimes they will send coupons to customers in the mail. When visiting, before leaving ask for any available coupons. Don’t be afraid to ask; often that is all that it takes.

There are not a lot of coupons on their web site; check often to see when specials are being offered. When they are featuring new dishes, often with the change of seasons, the likelihood of finding coupon online is higher. Holidays are another time where it is easier to find discounts and coupons.

Go hungry and enjoy a pleasant dining experience.

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