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Chef Boyardee Coupons

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Chef Boyardee Coupons

If you have a child or have ever been a kid, you are surely a fan of Chef Boyardee, as the brand is synonymous with childhood. And, if you're like most consumers, you can't get enough of the chef's hearty classics. Fortunately, the product's manufacturer, ConAgra, makes Chef Boyardee coupons available from time to time on the Internet and in newspaper circulars.

To start saving on beef ravioli and all of your other Chef Boyardee favorites, register at the manufacturer's website at www.conagrafoods.com/profile/register.do. The company periodically sends registered users Chef Boyardee coupons, rebate information and other promotional offers.

Chef Boyardee coupons are also available offline in Sunday newspaper circulars, such as Smart Source and Red Plum.

Chef Boyardee coupons are also sometimes available on product packaging.

Chef Boyardee in Stores

Many grocers have digital Chef Boyardee coupons available on their website. Digital coupons do not have to be printed or clipped. After registering your loyalty card, the digital coupons you choose are automatically uploaded onto your loyalty card and subtracted from your total grocery bill.

You can get your Chef Boyardee favorites at a huge discount by combining manufacturer's coupons with in-store sales. Look for grocers that double or triple manufacturer's coupons to multiply the face value of Chef Boyardee coupons.

Chef Boyardee

The Chef Boyardee brand has been around since 1928. The company was founded by a popular Italian chef named Boiardi. He owned a successful Italian restaurant in Cleveland for several years before opening a factory to sell canned pastas.

Soon after mass production of the pastas began, the chef changed the spelling of his name because many people were not pronouncing it correctly.

Brand History

The brand was purchased by American Home Products in the late 1940s. This company was later called International Home Foods, which was purchased in 2000 by ConAgra Foods. The brand still bears Chef Boiardi's likeness.

The chef may only be at ConAgra in spirit, but the company is still cooking up his classic dishes, like Beef Ravioli, Beefaroni, Italian Sausage Ravioli, Spaghetti with Meatballs and Lasagna. Don't worry, they still carry ABC's and 123's, too, as well as a variety of fun-shaped pastas. But Chef Boyardee has changed with the times.

Almost all of your favorite Chef Boyardee canned pastas are now available with whole grain pasta. Manufacturer ConAgra also eliminated all the preservatives, so you don't have to worry about filling your children up with a bunch of chemicals.

ConAgra has also updated the Chef Boyardee product line over the years to include some new old favorites, such as Chili Mac, Mac and Cheese, Cheese Burger Macaroni and Cheesy Nacho Rotini.

Product Availability

Chef Boyardee's Beef Ravioli is available in a 99 percent fat free version for those watching their cholesterol.

And, if you loved Chef Boyardee pizza kits as a kid, you can still find those in your local grocery store as well. Varieties include pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Many of the chef's classic pastas are now available in microwavable cups, so you can take the chef with you wherever you go. Microwavable cups are available in two sizes, so even the hungriest kid will leave the lunch room full and happy.

Best of all, every cup of Chef Boyardee contains one full serving of vegetables. But don't tell the kids. Moms have been keeping the healthy ingredients of Chef Boyardee a secret for decades, and now moms can join Chef Boyardee's Club Mum, a forum that rewards fans with weekly giveaways.

Club Mum Tips

There are several ways to win rewards at Club Mum:

1. After you register at www.clubmum.aol.com, simply join in the conversation and read some of the many intriguing articles and videos brought to you by health, fitness and parenting experts. "Like" one of these articles or videos on Facebook and you automatically qualify for daily $25-$100 giveaways. That would buy a lot of Beef Ravioli.

2. Another way to win cold, hard cash at Club Mum is to share your all-time best parenting secret. How do you get your kids to eat their vegetables? How do you get your child to clean his or her bedroom? Creativity wins the prize at Club Mum, so put your thinking cap on. Share and you may win the weekly $250 drawing. Winners will be notified via email.

3. By participating at Club Mum, you will also be eligible to win cash and prizes instantly. Simply start a new conversation in the forum or comment on a conversation already taking place in the forum.

Register today with ConAgra and Club Mum, and you'll be saving money in no time.

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