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Chick-Fil-A Coupons

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Many chicken fans consider Chick-Fil-A, to be the ultimate fast food dining establishment in the country. In fact, it is third nationwide, in popularity amongst chicken chains, right behind KFC and Popeye’s eateries.

Chik-Fil-A’s original chicken sandwich was created in the 1960s, and recently, these other chains have introduced their own versions of this popular classic chicken sandwich.

History of Chick-Fil-A's Sandwiches

Chik-Fil-A and their famous sandwiches came into existence within the Cathy family’s eatery, known as the Dwarf House, in Hapeville, Georgia. Using a pressurized cooking method, peanut oil, and a breading of ultra-secret spices, Truett Cathy invented what many perceive as the ultimate chicken sandwich.

It certainly packs a large punch for a simple sandwich that consists only of a chicken breast, toasted bun, and a couple of pickles.

Closed on Sundays

In addition to the original chicken sandwich, another signature trademark of Chik-Fil-A is the fact that they are closed on Sundays, without exception.

Although this may have been made a policy due to religious beliefs, the owners state that this day of rest, helps keep their staff fresh in body and soul, and therefore it is a good policy that also benefits the company as a whole.

Restaurant Growth

Although Chik-Fil-A began their enterprise with a few small outlets that were limited to shopping malls, today they boast more than 700 restaurants in 35 states. New Chik-Fil-A locations open regularly, and these opening dates and locations can be found on the website.

Chick-Fil-A Coupon Codes

The first one hundred customers that dine in a new facility receive a coupon to use for free combo meals for an entire year!

Special Events and Charitable Activities

The annual Chik-Fil-A Bowl, is sponsored by the company, and to date, leads all the other bowl games in charitable contributions. Chik-Fil-A also sponsors the Big 12 Conference, and hosts several on-site events during games in efforts to reach out to fans, athletes, and young people in the community, by promoting their many scholarship opportunities.

These programs are intended to enhance their extensive program that provides higher educational opportunities and scholarships amongst their employees.

Chik-Fil-A has created several ongoing community projects through their Win Shape Foundation, which began in 1974. This foundation supports long-term foster children, provides scholarships for youth, hosts summer camps for thousands of needy children, and offers a marriage enrichment retreat. Chik-Fil-A is known nationwide as the place to go for awesome chicken sandwiches, but is also well known for its plethora of charitable contributions to the communities it serves.

Coupons and Discounts

The infamous Chik-Fil-A Cow Calendar is the best resource for year round coupons to use at the establishment. These fun themed calendars, are available for purchase beginning in December for the upcoming year, but are often available year round in stores. The famed cows remind people year round to “Eat More Chik’n” and the calendar boasts coupons for free items every month during the year.

Individual locations of Chik-Fil-A stores offer coupons and deals regularly that are distributed in store, via mail, and through local newspaper advertisements. Stores also promote specific days or events on a local level. For example, if you live in Houston, before certain game days, you may receive a discount for donning Houston Texans gear or Houston Astros jerseys. These deals tend to be specific and regional for sporting events, so check their website for your local stores featured offers.

Often, certain dress up days are promoted, where participants receive free items for participating. The most popular are Red, White, and Blue Day to celebrate Independence Day, and wearing cow regalia to celebrate “Cow Days”. Most establishments also feature a kid’s day, where kids receive a complimentary meal with an adult combo meal purchase. This is in effort to bring together families at meal times, and goes back to the company’s family owned roots.

Chick-Fil-A on Twitter

Chik-Fil-A also has a Twitter following, and their page offers those who sign up, special printable coupons and notifications of discounts and specials. There are plenty of ways that this enterprise offers special deals and discounts, but checking out their website, will provide the latest news, happening, and coupons for your particular area locations.

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