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Chuck E Cheese Coupons

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Company Information

As many parents know, Chuck E. Cheese is a fun place geared toward children and families. It is part restaurant, part indoor playground, and part entertainment center. Chuck E. Cheese is centered around its mascot, a giant mouse named, of course, Chuck E. Cheese.

The company opened its first location in San Jose, California in 1977 as a place to provide arcade games in a family-friendly atmosphere. Since then, Chuck E. Cheese has grown to include over 500 locations in 48 states and five other countries.

Wyoming and New Hampshire are the only states that do not currently have any Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

There are also Chuck E. Cheese locations in Canada, Chile, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Restaurant Attractions

Chuck E. Cheese is primarily a pizza restaurant. It also features a salad bar and serves appetizers and ciabatta sandwiches as well as dessert pizza and cinnamon sticks.

However, the main attraction at Chuck E. Cheese isn't the food, but the wide variety of games and rides that are available. Most locations separate the games into three areas. One is geared toward toddlers and features a slide and simple rides with themes like Clifford the Big Red Dog or Bob the Builder. There is a “kiddies’ area” geared toward preschoolers and slightly older children with a variety of age appropriate games and some simple rides. The skill area is designed for older children and teens and has activities such as racing simulators, basketball games, air hockey, and skee ball. Each activity costs one token, which can be bought either as part of a food package or at change machines.

Chuck E Cheese Logo.

At the end of each game, patrons are rewarded with tickets. These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes at the restaurant’s redemption center. Prizes can range from stickers and candy to large toys and games. Patrons can put their tickets into counter machines, which then print out a receipt listing the number of tickets to be redeemed. These receipts do not expire, so customers can save their receipts to redeem for a bigger prize on a future visit.


Entertainment is provided by Chuck E. Cheese and his band. This group includes a purple monster named Mr. Munch, a chef named Pasqually, a chicken named Helen Henny, and a dog named Jasper T. Jowls. This animatronic group performs on a stage in the dining room. A real-life Chuck E. Cheese often visits with patrons, especially during birthday parties.

A unique feature to the Chuck E. Cheese experience is the restaurant’s Kid Check program. When each group or family enters, all members are stamped on the hand with a number that can be viewed under a black light. When the group or family leaves, a staff member checks the numbers to make sure that they match. While this does not replace adult supervision, it is part of the restaurant’s commitment to keeping children safe.

Coupons and Discounts

There are many discounts and coupons that can be found to make a trip to Chuck E. Cheese a little easier on the wallet. Occasionally, coupons can be found in coupon circulars in newspapers. These often include a package such as a large pizza, four soft drinks, and a number of tokens for a discounted price.

Printable coupons can be found on the Chuck E. Cheese Web site, such as the “Yum and Fun” promotion, which offers a coupon good for a large pizza and 75 tokens for $25. The Chuck E. Cheese Web site also offers a “Chuck E-Club” for customers to sign up to receive exclusive coupons via e-mail. Customers can enter their children’s birthdays and then receive coupons for free tokens prior to their children’s birthdays in addition to coupons for money off food, drink and token packages. Chuck E. Cheese’s Facebook and Twitter pages are also sources to find information about current deals and discounts.

The Chuck E. Cheese Web site also offers a variety of reward charts and certificates that can be printed out. For example, there is a potty training chart. A child can mark each day they do not have an accident, and when two weeks is completed, they can take the certificate to Chuck E. Cheese and receive 10 free tokens. The site has similar charts for things such as keeping a room clean, doing homework, or reading. There are also printable awards certificates for sports, being a good patient, or losing a tooth. Children can bring their report cards into Chuck E. Cheese and receive tokens as rewards for good grades.

Why Choose Chuck E Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese is a popular place for children’s birthday parties. Chuck E. Cheese offers birthday party packages that include pizza, drinks, and tokens for each child. Occasionally, there are deals offered for birthday parties, such as 100 free tokens for having a party on a Friday or Sunday, or free tokens for reserving a party online.

Chuck E. Cheese has been a popular place for children and their families for many years. With the different coupons and discounts available, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese can be both fun and affordable.

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