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Upon exhausting the readily available missions on Mercy Island, villains are next directed to a broker in Port Oakes. To reach it, they catch a ride on the ferry on Mercy Island's southwestern tip. Port Oakes is a much rougher place than Mercy Island, so they should probably be at least threat level 7 before venturing out of the (relative) safety of Mercy.

Upon entering Port Oakes for the first time, each villain is assigned a Broker, either Mikey the Ear or Drea the Hook. Port Oakes is the beginning of the "Broker, Newspaper Missions, Mayhem Mission, Contacts" steps to begin in every new villain zone. Port Oakes's trainer is Arbiter Unger, standing next to the Arena.




Regular Contacts

Levels 5-9
Levels 10-14
  • The Radio (Arena District: -1456.8, 64, 59.6)

Special Contacts


  • 1. Arena District: -863.7, 160, 551.9
  • 2. Marconeville: -1528.7, 578, -1269.4
  • 3. Oil Spill: 1190.9, 64, -759.7

Zone Events

Major events

  • None

Lesser events

  • None

Important Locations



Exploration Badges

{{#dpl: title=Driller Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Driller

{{#dpl: title=Driller Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Powder Monkey Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Powder Monkey

{{#dpl: title=Powder Monkey Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Scurvy Dog Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Scurvy Dog

{{#dpl: title=Scurvy Dog Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Washed Up Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Washed Up

{{#dpl: title=Washed Up Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}


{{#dpl: title=Lorekeeper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Lorekeeper

{{#dpl: title=Lorekeeper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

Lorekeeper II - This monument is south of the Mercy Island ferry, at the end of the rocky peninsula. Coordinates Template:Coords

{{#dpl: title=Swashbuckler Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Swashbuckler

{{#dpl: title=Swashbuckler Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

Swashbuckler I - The plaque is on the outer wall facing west near the northwest corner of Fort Hades. Coordinates Template:Coords



  • All Quartermasters sell:
    • Lvl. 5 TO Enhancements
    • Lvl. 10 TO Enhancements
    • Lvl. 15 TO Enhancements

Other Stores

Transfer Points

  • Ferry to Mercy Island in the southeast part of Arena District.
  • Ferry to Cap au Diable between Arena District and Oil Spill.
  • Entrance to Pocket D at the top of the stairs in Arena District.

Enemy Groups


  • This and other City of Villains maps are available as [[[:Template:CoVMapPatchLatest]] downloadable in-game maps].
  • This map was created using graphic resources from VidiotMaps.

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