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Sharkhead Isle is one of the city zones in City of Villains. Dominated by The Pit - a huge mining operation - in the southern center of the island, and Port Recluse in the northeast, Sharkhead is heavy on industry. East of The Pit is Villa Requin, and west is Potter's Field cemetery where the Ghost of Scrapyard emerges and the Circle of Thorns hold dominion. Northwest of The Pit is the Hellforge, and north of that is The Crush, almost totally gone to the Freakshow.

Arbiter Friesen trains villains in Port Recluse. Sharkhead's Brokers are Kara the Scorpion, east of the Vault Reserve in Port Recluse, and Mickey the Filch, northeast of the Ferry in Port Recluse.




Regular Contacts

Lvl. 20-24
Lvl. 25-29

Special Contacts


  • 1. Port Recluse: -1284.8, 0, -680.4
  • 2. Port Recluse: -210.4, 34.5, -255

Origin Quartermasters

Zone events

Major events

  • The spawn of the Ghost of Scrapyard may affect the zone, as he will start patrolling it, at least for a time.

Lesser events

  • Scrapyard followers spawn randomly in the zone when the Ghost of Scrapyard is out, and make their way to him, creating a protest parade until Scrapyard is killed, droned, or times out.

Important Locations


  • Hellforge, squeezed into the east-central part of the island,
  • Port Recluse, to the northeast,
  • Potter's Field, in the southwest,
  • The Crush, in the northwest,
  • The Pit, in the south-central part of the island,
  • Villa Requin, to the east,


Exploration Badges

{{#dpl: title=Forged by Hellfire Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Forged by Hellfire

{{#dpl: title=Forged by Hellfire Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Freak of Nature Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Freak of Nature

{{#dpl: title=Freak of Nature Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Pit Viper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Pit Viper

{{#dpl: title=Pit Viper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Razor Toothed Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Razor Toothed

{{#dpl: title=Razor Toothed Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}


{{#dpl: title=Arachnos Rising Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Arachnos Rising

{{#dpl: title=Arachnos Rising Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}

{{#dpl: title=Lorekeeper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage={Image} }} Lorekeeper

{{#dpl: title=Lorekeeper Badge | allowcachedresults=true | includepage=#Description}}



Regular Quartermasters
Origin Quartermasters

Other Stores

All 20-24 Contacts sell T1 Inspirations.

Transfer Points

Enemy Groups


  • The older Monkey Fight Club is located near Lorenz Ansaldo, just east of the Natural Quartermaster. The newer, more popular Monkey Fight Club appears in Pocket D.
  • This and other City of Villains maps are available as [[[:Template:CoVMapPatchLatest]] downloadable in-game maps].
  • This map was created using graphic resources from VidiotMaps.

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