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Claire's Coupons

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Coupons for Claire's

Claire's Stores, Inc. traces its origins back to Fashion Tress, Inc., a company founded in 1961 by Rowland Schaefer. Fashion Tress, Inc. manufactured wigs and accessories, and the name of the company was changed in 1973 to FT Industries, Inc.

A year later, the company purchased Claire's Boutiques, Inc., a Chicago-area retailer that had already grown to about 60 stores.

In 1983, FT Industries, Inc., which by then had grown the Claire's brand to 180 Claire's Boutiques stores, decided to change its name to Claire's Stores, Inc. The company went public in 1985, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CLE.

The 90s saw Claire's Stores, Inc. expand globally. In 1993, the first Claire's store was opened in Greece, followed by the first Japanese Claire's store in 1994.

In 1996, the company expanded into the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Claire Expanding

To accommodate the growth of the company, Claire's acquired the ICING brand in 1996, and acquired the 768 store chain Afterthoughts, which it converted to ICING stores.

Since 2000, Claire's has been making an effort to expand into the Middle East and Africa, opening stores in the Middle East, Turkey, and South Africa.

The company has earned accolades for its management style and business model, routinely releasing impressive financial statements and gaining recognition as one of the most successful fashion retailers in the United States.

Claire's Products

Claire's targets its merchandise to pre-teen, teen, and young adult girls. The retailer sells fashion accessories, and strives to provide customers with lower-cost equivalents to high end fashion accessories.

Claire's Coupons Online

Accessories are geared towards a variety of different interests, including mainstream pop music accessories, rock, alternative, and punk. ICING stores are targeted to a slightly older demographic than Claire's stores, women age 19-28. Unlike Claire's stores, ICING stores do not offer licensed merchandise.

Claire's specializes in ear piercing and merchandising. The company boasts that it has pierced over 80 million ears in the time it's been in existence, and is the largest retailer offering ear piercing services in the United States. A variety of earrings are offered by the retailer, from cheaper options to high quality, gold earrings.

Hypoallergenic earrings are available for customers that have metal allergies. Claire's welcomes walk-ins for ear piercing services, never requiring customers to make an appointment. The service includes an ear cleaning kit and instructions concerning the care of newly pierced ears.

While Claire's does offer ear cartilage piercing services, the company has a policy not to pierce the cartilage of any customer under the age of 13.

Seasonal and Product Specials

Accessories sold at Claire's retail stores are often seasonally themed according to upcoming holidays. For example, costume accessories are available in the months leading up to Halloween.

Products are also geared towards popular movies and musicians. For example, Claire's carries accessories related to the popular movies Pirates of the Caribbean, the Twilight series, and Harry Potter, and pop music icon Justin Bieber. Accessories related to popular characters, such as Hello Kitty, are also carried in Claire's stores.

When customers go to Claire's for their ear piercing service, the included ear care kit includes a coupon for 20% off your next purchase at the store. Claire's often has store sales that either include clearance items or volume-based deals, where there is a cheaper price per unit if more items are purchased - for example, items that are typically $1.49 each may be offered as 10 for $10.

Getting Coupons

Claire's coupons can be found from various online sources that specialize in retail coupons. Both printable and online coupons are available from a variety of sources, including couponcabin.com, mahalo.com, and retailmenot.com.

Most coupons available from online coupon compiling websites are for a percentage off of your Claire's purchase, either for one item or your entire order. The typical discount offered is 20% off. Claire's has been known to occasionally offer coupons for dollars off an order - for example, $10 off of a purchase of $15 or more.

In-store sales sometimes vary from location to location, and sales offered at Claire's locations do not coincide with sales at ICING locations. The best source for store-specific sales information is the store itself. The Claire's website, [www.claires.com Claire's.Com], often has items on clearance when trying to clear inventory of slightly outdated merchandise.

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