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ClickLinux:A2 Making it work

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Making it work

I am trying a coLinux install, basically it seems to be coming down to the fact, that its success is based on the fact of whether you can use it without a terminal server.

Video with CoLinux

It is too slow with the server and although it can play video using nxserver/vnc/x11 it drops about every 5th frame! Here is a guide for setting up the above mentioned systems on coLinux: http://wiki.colinux.org/cgi-bin/XCoLinux. I can quote the first line of that page which reads:

"At the moment, you can't directly run an X server (using the display hardware) on a Cooperative Linux machine. The way so far is bringing the screen output to the windows host through the network and let windows display it somehow."

which means that there is currently no way to run this nicely, going over the network means dropped frames. We are copying the graphics card output over the network to the local terminal server. This means copying each and every pixel at a minimum of 60hz across the network, which just doesn't work for video.

The only way to do it then, is to somehow get windows to share the monitor... perhaps some sort of driver that has two inputs and one output (as opposed to one in and out). Perhaps two different screens with two different graphics cards (or one real and one emulated).

This is a great site about the nuts and bolts of the x-windows system. Incidentally published by the UW CSE. That makes me proud! http://www.cs.washington.edu/lab/sw/uwcsexintro.html

Other CoLinux Stuff

However, perhaps there will be a way around this at some point. For the time being, here are some useful links:

http://wiki.colinux.org/cgi-bin/AccessingWindowsDrivesWithSamba?highlight=%28files%29%7C%28windows%29%7C%28access%29 - using samba to access windows files from coLinux... this works well, although I actually couldn't seem to create files on a windows system from coLinux. I could edit existing files though.


Using a x-win32 client to connect directly to the coLinux x-server?

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