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club ph34r is a webcomics site created by Nat "N8 Dawg" Lee and D-Boy. It began as an entity in its present form in 2002 and has gone through a few site redesigns over the years. Before club ph34r was a webcomics site, it was the name of N8 Dawg's art site, which is still existant, albeit inactive. club ph34r hosts five comics: Annie, Emo, Faking Life, and Project Jae. Of the five comics, only Annie and Faking Life are currently active. All of the comics share the same world and continuity, so it is common for main characters from one comic to be seen in another or events in one comic affecting another.


Created by N8 Dawg, Annie began as a Annie the Hardcore Gamer, hosted by Keenspace (now called ComicGenesis). The old url still works, but is now host to baseball related art and comics done by N8 Dawg.[1] Annie chronicles the misadventures of gaming girl Annie McPherson and her friends. At the moment, there are six completed chapters:

Lifestyles of the Young & Gaming

This chapter introduces the reader to Annie and her friends and the ups-and-downs of the gamer lifestyle.

Match of the Millenium

A rival emerges for Annie at the Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament. Will Annie come on top? There's more than pride at stake (namely $500).

A Day With Grace

A day in the life of Grace Nakamura.

Get Into the Game

Annie sits back for a casual game of Phantasy Star Online, but evil is afoot.

Hardcore No More

Grace challenges Annie to abstain from video games for a whole day, and Annie never backs down from a challenge. However, it's harder than either of them think as they each face problems of their own.

Ken You Dig It?

Kenny's experience at the anime convention while Annie was playing in the CvSNK2 tournament.

Full Throttle (incomplete)

This chapter is on indefinite hiatus.

New Game

Annie enters the work force when she joins the review crew of Fanatic Gaming magazine. Monotony ensues!


Emo is a quasi-autobiographical comic about N8 Dawg's senior year in high school. All the typical teenage problems pop up: girls, homework, and rabid carrots. The name has nothing to do with the genre of music or subculture of the same name. In fact, the name doesn't really have to do with anything. It is no longer being updated because the comic ended with N8 graduating. However, its successor Faking Life continues the story of N8. There are five chapters in total. The first four are named with a season of the year in mind, while the last one wraps up the series.

Boys of Summer

No school? What's a slacker to do?

Fall Into The Gap

Back to school isn't cool.

Winter of Our Dissonance

Winter ball

Spring Back

It's prom season!


It's graduation time!

Faking Life

Faking Life is the follow-up comic to Emo. However, it is much more experimental and less story driven than Emo.

Project Jae

A comic about a teenager named Jae Li who aspires to be a rock star. However, first he'll need a band.


Characters are listed in a separate wiki, located here: Club_ph34r_Characters.

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