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CoR Retreat

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Previous years' organizing pages: CoR_Retreat_2008.

This page is for organizing the 2009 CoR Retreat in California.

Hello, and welcome, fellow Romans, to the CoR wiki page for retreat organizing. What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Look at this page to understand. -Elvey)


The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great retreat. Hopefully this wiki page will require less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. I'd prefer if folks sign in before making edits to this page. Create a login and use it. BTW, Google recently started offering wiki hosting too: http://www.cio.com/article/380613/The_Many_Uses_of_Enterprise_Wikis?contentId=380613&slug=&

Returning visitors to this page

  • Note the history tab, at the top of the page. Using it makes it easier to see what's changed since your last visit.
  • If you're not comfortable editing the wiki (but try; it's really easy) please contact anyone who has made edits and ask for help.
  • If you've enjoyed this wiki, here's another: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_of_Rome

Main Section

Here we keep track of vitals for each retreat participant.

Start with your name, surrounded by two equals signs on each side. Pay status (not authoritative). Your expected arrival-departure times. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already; phone #'s are somewhat safer. What else should we track here? Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to share - for example, a fact-checker laptop, projector, ATM card, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring. Feel free to add a photo of yourself. Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:

Joe Example

  • Paid $123 on 1/23.
  • 60% chance of making it. Might be canceling my attendance at this year's retreat due to Widget Shortage Riots.
  • Presentation: Widget Shortages
  • Arriving United Flight 666 at 12:34 PM on 1/23.


ME can pick folks up from OAK or [BART] (BART stops at SFO)


California. Do we have a consensus to have it at DS's folks place again, or is that not yet final?


A fun group event. Ideas:

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