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Coke Coupons

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Coca-Cola is a world famous soft-drink brand whose name is synonymous with colas the world over. Almost everyone has heard of it. It is sold in over two hundred countries in vending machines, restaurants and even street-side stores.

Often simply referred to as Coke, it was made by John Pemberton as a patent medicine. It would not be until Asa Griggs Candler bought out Coca-Cola that it would be marketed into the soft-drink juggernaut many love today.

It is distributed as a concentrate, sold to bottlers around the world. The bottlers have exclusive territorial contracts, produce the finished Coca-Cola product in the form of canned or bottled drinks. These drinks are then sold to stores of all kinds as well as vending machines.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, for example, is the biggest bottler in both North America and Western Europe. Restaurants can also avail of the concentrate for use with soda fountains.

Different Kinds of Coca-Cola Products

It comes in a variety of different forms. The most well known Coca-Cola variant is Diet Coke. There are other variants, such as Cherry Coke and Vanilla coke, but Diet Coke is by far the most common variant. Currently the company is phasing out sodium benzoate in its Diet Coke line and will do so the moment that a suitable and satisfactory alternative is discovered.

Coca Cola Coupons

In terms of advertising, Coca-Cola finds its strength in its seasonal advertising campaign as well as the fact that it has significantly invaded and influenced American culture. Most people do not know this, but the image of Santa Claus as a jolly old man in a red suit might have come from Coca-Cola’s advertising campaigns.

Coke was not its nickname until 1941, introduced in advertising campaigns saying “Coke means Co-ca-Cola”. It was the aim of the company to make sure that everyone in the world preferred coke as their beverage and so far, they’re doing a great job of doing just that.

Its holiday campaigns are particularly effective. It first began with the image of red delivery trucks with the words “Holidays Are Coming” going through a snowy landscape while things around them light up.

This was so effective that most customers actually considered it a sign that Christmas was near, like a herald of the season. More recent advertising campaigns are locally made rather than made in Atlanta.

Coca-Cola Headquarters

As Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola, it should not be surprising that they have a location called “The World of Coca-Cola”. It celebrates the world’s most recognizable brand. The area gives people a tour of the history of Coca-Cola, informing them of how this brand became so successful.

The Atlanta World of Coca-Cola has since closed, but once has opened in North Georgia. The new World of Coca-Cola has a recreation of the place where Coke was first sold, Jacob’s Pharmacy.

Now, some people can’t get enough of their Coke. They want more. They want coupons to make it easier to get their Coke fix. Fortunately Coke Coupons are plentiful and easy to find both on the Internet and in the real world.

Finding Coupons

Most people actually simply go and contact the Coca-Cola Company for coupons. This works more than you would think. Most companies actually regularly send out coupons to extremely loyal customers. When contacting them, make sure to stay positive and to complement any new products they may have.

Give a few suggestions regarding their products. Don’t forget to include your contact information. If you’re lucky, they’ll feel like sending a few coupons out.

Ebay, unsurprisingly, has a lot of coke coupons for sale. Naturally, this is a bit of a hit and miss proposition as sometimes, it comes down to bidding, which can make the coupons far more expensive than they are worth.

Coupons Online

Sites such as Vocalpoint.com offer downloadable and printable coupons for various products, including Coca-Cola variants such as Vanilla coke. Coupon books with a wealth of Coke discounts are also available in various supermarkets.

Usually these coupons are situational (with the discounts only occurring when specific Coca-Cola products are purchased at a specific location) but they remain very valuable discounts. Their “125 Years of Summer” booklet is currently a big hit and one that offers over eight-five dollars worth in savings. That is nothing to scoff at.

Website promotions are a great place to find Coke coupons. Various websites such as DealSeekingMom.Com offer a lot of coupons for their loyal visitors or those that like their Facebook page. Last year, DealSeekingMom.Com offered Coke coupons that took a dollar off each Coca-Cola product.

RetailMeNot.Com comes with a large number of links to coupons available online. The website gives you codes that you can input in other sites to get a promotional deal. They are extremely up to date, updating their lists of coupon codes daily. They also list whether or not the code has been working, which can save people time. Most of their codes work on the main Coca-Cola website.

Coke Rewards

Those who want to find coupons near their area will find it easier than they think. The Coke rewards works both ways in that it gives coupons for cheaper Coca-Cola products and it offers rewards for loyal Coke consumers.

There are far more coke coupons out there for the savvy consumer to find. Look at local productions or local events, as they are quick to offer many deals to attract more people to their stands and you won’t be disappointed.

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