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Cost Cutters Coupons

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Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters is a national chain of hair salons which specialize in washing, cutting, and styling hair for men women and children. The national chain boasts over 840 locations in almost every state in the country. While most of the salons are franchised locations, each of the salons offers a relaxed experience where no appointments are required.

Customers who visit a Cost Cutters salon could receive a variety of services at a discounted rate compared to other salons. Upon entry, all of the customers are greeted by a friendly stylist who will immediately provide service.

If there is a waiting line, a customer can relax in the front of the salon and read one of the dozens of books and magazines kept on hand. Once seated a customer has the option of having their hair washed and scalp massaged. Customers can receive a wide variety of style options.

Variety of Services

Beyond the typical scissor and comb haircut provided by Cost Cutters, the salon will also provide a variety of other services which could include perms, coloring, and even some waxing. At each of the salons a customer can also bring in a picture of a style or choose from a style book to have it recreated.

Each salon also has a small shop full of hair products and accessories. These include hair pastes, gels, and holding sprays as well as equipment needed to maintain hair including touch up coloring pastes, hair dryers, hair straighteners, scissors, and combs.

Cost Cutters

Cost Cutter Coupons

While Cost Cutters provides their customers with a high quality and very affordable hair styling service, there are several ways that a customer could find additional coupons and discount codes to save even more money.

One of the best ways to receive coupons and discounts at Cost Cutters is to visit the Cost Cutters website. Through the Cost Cutters website a potential or returning customer can visit the Monthly Special Offer section of the website.

This section is updated frequently to reflect current deals which could be redeemed at any of the 840+ Cost Cutters locations. Some of the deals will include receiving up to $5 off of a basic haircut or receiving a discount off of the cost of some of the products.

Email Coupons

Returning customers can also receive coupons and rewards by signing up for the Haircut Reminder program. The Haircut Reminder program is an automated email system which will send a customer a reminder whenever they are due for a new haircut.

The dates of when the reminders are set can be programmed to meet each customer’s specific needs. When a customer signs up for the email reminder system they will automatically receive a $2 coupon which can be redeemed at any of the stores.

The email system will also regularly provide a customer with a discount that they can redeem at the salon when they return for their next haircut.

Loyalty Programs

Since Cost Cutters is a national chain of salons, and most of the salons are independently owned franchises, other coupons and discount offers offered vary from one location to the next. Many of the Cost Cutters locations have a punch card program which provides a customer with a free haircut after they have already paid for 10.

Also, Cost Cutters locations tend to advertise in local media including newspapers and magazine. Through these periodicals a customer could often find discount codes and coupons which can be redeemed at the location which sent out the advertisement.

Printed Coupons

The coupons provided in newspapers and magazines tend to vary significantly but often include discounted haircuts, discounted specialty services such as perms and coloring, or even a reduction off of the cost of specialty hair products or other equipment sold in the salon.

Finding these coupons, and using the ones provided by the frequently updated Cost Cutters website, could be used by a family to save hundreds of dollars per year off of their hair cutting and styling needs.

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