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Cover Girl Coupons

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Cover Girl Coupons & Promotions

Makeup is an excellent way to perfect the overall complexion and accentuate certain features. Women have been turning to Cover Girl for their makeup needs for well over 100 years. It takes a strong company to survive such a long time in the competitive cosmetics market. What makes Cover Girl such an enduring classic?


The brand Cover Girl was founded in 1909 by Noxzema in Maryland. The company's products were showcased by fashion models who frequently appeared on the cover of different magazine publications, hence the name 'Cover Girl'. The company has had a long history of contracts with famous models and that has been one of the defining characteristics of this brand.

Cover Girl was one of the first cosmetic companies to cut costs by selling directly to the consumers instead of through salespeople.

An iconic part of the culture of several decades is the image of a makeup salesperson going door to door selling cosmetics but this distribution model led to a much higher cost overall which made it easier for Cover Girl to undercut the competition with direct sales. Cover Girl's products had to be formulated in a way that made them accessible enough to be purchased by women everywhere.


Cover Girl focuses on being affordable and reliable. The brand has many different areas of focus including:


Cover Girl has several different formulations of mascara including waterproof, lengthening and thickening formulas.


Cover Girl's Clean Foundation is a very popular choice for sheer, natural coverage that is clean and non-comedogenic. The brand's other offerings in the foundation market include anti-aging formulas created specifically to meet the needs of maturing skin, powder foundation for those who like a lighter, airier feel, natural foundation formulas that focus on healthy ingredients and mineral foundation formulas that cover, conceal and smooth utilizing the power of finely milled mineral compounds.


Cover Girl offers a variety of different concealers in different finishes and opacity to deliver individualize coverage solutions depending on the needs of the consumer. The concealers come in bullet and wand form, as well as a potted anti-aging concealer from Cover Girl and Olay.


Pressed powders in a variety of shades. Non-comedogenic.

Lip Color

Cover Girl offers a couple of different formulations of lipstick with varying degrees of sheerness and shimmer in a very wide range of colors, from very pale and glossy to deep and rich tones that are easily visible on women of color.

The company also has lip liners in shades that match their lipstick offerings. Cover Girl also has a lip stain range available in a good amount of different colors for women who prefer the look, feel and staying power of a stain.

Cover Girl has two different types of lip gloss, wand and tube. Having gloss in a lipstick style bullet tube is less mess and easier to carry around.

Cover Girl Coupons


The brand has several eyeliner types including wooden pencil, self-sharpening pencil and liquid. The pencil liners are formulated to be smudgable during application and smudgeproof afterwards.


Cover Girl has eyeshadows in a plethora of colors and is available in pearl and matte finishes.


In addition to their usual blush formulations, Cover Girl also offers new mineral pigment formulations that come in a preloaded brush which eliminates the mess and hassle associated with mineral blushes. Cover Girl also teamed up with Olay to formulate an anti-aging blush.

Quality Beauty at an Affordable Price

Cover Girl is a complete line of makeup that is dedicated to meeting the needs of its 'clientele' and it shows in the variety of offerings they have available. Makeup ends up being extremely expensive once all the odds and ends are added together.

Women have the option of relying on this brand exclusively as their go-to source for all makeup needs or they may choose to use products from other brands in addition to Cover Girl since their products work well with those from other brands as well. For the budget conscious fashionista, Cover Girl is a good friend to have.

CoverGirl Coupons

This brand tends to be less expensive than other comparable brands but nothing beats making something cheap even cheaper. Coupons are a great way to bring down the price of these affordable, quality cosmetics even more.

Offline Coupons

CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are a few of the best choices for Cover Girl coupons and the savings can be extended even further by learning how to take advantage of their member discounts. Those who use Cover Girl should enroll in the rewards programs at all local drugstores and then keep a sharp eye on the circulars. Sometimes, the deals that can be had on makeup are unbelievably low.

Other sources for coupons include major chain retailers such as Target and Walmart. A subscription to the Sunday newspaper is highly recommended. Getting hooked up with

Online Coupons

One of the best sources for online Cover Girl coupons is CoverGirl.com which provides various printable coupons. The website also has deal alerts that let their customers in on the deals that will be appearing in other places like newspapers and magazines. Another online source is Coupons.com, which has cosmetics coupons available so it pays to check with them frequently.

After over a century of providing quality, affordable cosmetics to women everywhere, Cover Girl is a brand modern women can count on for all their cosmetic needs.

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