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Cracker Barrel Coupons

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Company Information

Of intense interest to any traveler, what began through the South and Eastern Seaboard, is the tall sign on the Interstate sporting a yellow barrel with the words Cracker Barrel next to it. Travelers know that sign means home cooked food, real Southern iced sweet tea, a gigantic checkerboard to play checkers on before their food arrives, homemade jellies, preserves, candies and cakes, an old country store with fascinating items for gift ideas, and some of the friendliest people ever.

That sign reminds people of how things used to be before fast foods, fast cars and big business. Oh, yes, people also love the rocking chairs on the porch for waiting in the pretty weather and talking while their names are waiting to be called for a table.

That's just the reaction Cracker Barrel founder Dan Evins was looking for when he established the first old country store in Lebanon, Tennessee in the late 1960s. Interstate travel was just beginning as was fast foods, rising gas prices and a slump in not only the economy but the quality of offerings to travelers along the highways and byways.

Founder's Motivation

Mr. Evins remembered the country stores of his youth, made up his mind to not let them die and began a revolution without knowing it. His Cracker Barrel stores drew people who remembered, too, and would eat nowhere else. His offerings in merchandise and quality food in an unrushed, friendly atmosphere have given loyal customers a reason to forego unhealthy fast foods in return for healthy, home cooked meals. A revolution, indeed.

Cracker Barrel.

Famous Menu Items

Justifiably famous for its slow cooked meats, in addition to such Southern staples as fried chicken and potato salad, Cracker Barrel serves up vegetables, fruits, grains (in rice dishes, corn breads and biscuits), and the item that should be at the top of the food pyramid- at least, to a Southerner, sweet iced tea. The restaurant makes breakfast foods ranging from cereals to pancakes to bacon, sausage and eggs, grits and fried potatoes in addition to the lunch and supper entrees.

Cracker Barrel dishes out a ferocious meatloaf, succulent steak or a simple baked chicken breast along with the most outrageous hash brown casserole ever created. People traveling all over the country find that yellow sign and they leave with full stomachs, wonderful memories and a cool Tshirt or porcelain doll to remember the old country store. Or they treasure a giagantic checkerboard.

Cracker Barrel Locations

While the first Cracker Barrel was opened on one of the lesser traveled roads in middle Tennessee, the chain quickly placed its old country stores along the well traveled Interstates. Travelers may know of a Cracker Barrel store in their town or close by, but the majority of the stores follow the Interstate routes. Open 365 days per year, they have no seasonal observances but offer the same wholesome fare.

Cracker Barrel's Stance on Coupons

Cracker Barrel's website politely declines offering coupons or discounts, stating that not doing so keeps down costs and prices. Online research shows little in the way of printable coupons or discounts. For the most part, online research copies Cracker Barrel's offer of the Front Porch Friends card.

This offer is redeemable for merchandise from their old country stores upon the purchase of merchandise offering points. Accumulate enough points and receive a gift card. If visitors eat at the restaurant so many times per month or so many times per season, they can qualify for a seasonal reward or a Legends card, also redeemable for a gift card for use in the old country store.

While coupons may reduce the cost of shopping or eating out, in some establishments prices are reasonable enough that such discounts are not necessary. Cracker Barrel is one such enterprise, offering quality food and merchandise at reasonable prices. On the other hand, if Cracker Barrel accepted coupons and discounts, their prices might go up, which would defeat the purpose all together. As it stands, this restaurant offers something lost long ago in today's world: a trip to the past. For many travelers, that's worth holding on to.

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