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Creation Et All

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Creation Et All is the name used by Nerdvana for a collection of sites about his Exalted game. The game was originally worked on in 2004 but didn't get off the ground due to player conflict and disinterest on the part of some of the intended players making the game untenable at that time. Now Nerdvana intends to rework the game and start it up again once he has this reference site built to his initial satisfaction.

Exalted is a high fantasy game world that is strongly influenced by Japanese anime and manga, the cultures of China and Rome and a number of literary sources.

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Cover for the Second Edition Exalted Core Book

World Information

In ancient times, before the world was bent, the gods were slaves, and from the Heavenly City of Yu-Shan, the Primordials ruled Creation. In time, the gods tired of their slavery, but were oath-sworn never to move against the the Primordials directly, so they granted human champions the power to oppose the masters of the world. These were the first Exalted.

The Primordial War shook Creation, and many things were lost forever, but in the end, the Exalted were triumphant. They delivered Heaven unto the gods and, in payment, were granted ruler ship of Creation, and thus began the First Age.

The greatest of the gods was The Unconquered Sun, and the greatest of the Exalted were his Chosen, the Solar Exalted. For more than two millennia, the Solars ruled Creation with justice and forethought, but a curse ate at their hearts, slowly driving them toward excess and depravity. In time, their advisors, the Sidereal Exalted, and their soldiers, the Terrestrial Exalted, conspired to overthrow them, and in the Solars’ hour of need, their mates, the Lunar Exalted, abandoned them. The Solars were betrayed and slaughtered. Whenever a Solar dies, his Essence finds another mortal of promise and Exalts her. It is reincarnation of a sort. The Sidereals broke this cycle, trapping perhaps 300 of the divine Essences of the betrayed Solars in a great prison sunk beneath the Inland Sea, and a lesser Second Age fell upon the world.

For over a millennium, the Dragon-Blooded ruled over Creation, systematically hunting down and destroying over and over again those few Solar Essences that escaped imprisonment and remained in the cycle of reincarnation, while around them the world diminished and decayed. But no more.

The Scarlet Empress, the ruler of the Scarlet Dynasty, has vanished, and her 11 Great Houses have fallen to infighting over her throne. Into this time of tumult, the Solar Exalted are at last reborn in great numbers, their prison shattered by an encroaching shadow.

Will they save Creation, or destroy it?

People of the World

Creation is peopled by a variety of kinds of people, all of the same species (human) but with a variety of different appearances due to different ancestries.

"Normal" Humans

  • The majority of people of the North tend to be pale skinned, with hair ranging from jet black to platinum blond. Due to the extreme conditions of their homeland, they a hale and hearty folk, with large frames and heavy builds predominating.
  • The majority of people of the West are typically bronze-skinned, with those from the Far West or the Southwest having an almost golden skin tone. Those from the central West have hair tones in sea shades—green, blue and dark gray—while those from farther north or south have darker shades, primarily purple and black.
  • The majority of people of the South are dark-skinned, with blond, black or red hair. Many of them wear their hair as short as possible, with shaven heads and well-trimmed beards being the rule in the wilderness. Carefully styled hair is the norm among the wealthy in the cities, and a long beard is a sign of self-deprivation — and usually holiness and madness.
  • The majority of people of the East have brown skin tones, ranging from light tan to an almost bark-like brown in the Far East. Blond, red and brown are all common hair colors, and hair is usually straight rather than curly. The typical Easterner is tall, with even women standing nearly six feet.
  • The majority of people of the Blessed Isle have lightly tanned skin, often with slight golden hints to it. Hair color is in shades of brown, ranging from "dirty blonde" to black.

Special Breeds


The world of Exalted is divided into a number of worlds. The quick links to them are here.


The full article is located here: Creation

This is the physical world. Where most players will be from originally. It is subdivided into five elementally-based regions, is flat and natural order is kept by spirits instead of physics.

Poles of Creation

Lexicon entry for the elemental Poles.
  • Pole of Earth
In the center of Creation, in the middle of the Inland Sea is the Blessed Isle. This is the heart of the Realm and the location of the Pole of Earth.
  • Pole of Air
The North is a land of ice and blizzards. Beyond that lies the the Pole of Air.
  • Pole of Water
The West is an ocean, full of archapelegaos both natural and artificial. Beyond the rolling waves lies the Pole of Water.
  • Pole of Fire
The South is a land of deserts and blistering heat. Beyond the burning sands lies the the Pole of Fire.
  • Pole of Wood
The East is a land of verdant greens and great fertility. Beyond the deep forests lies the the Pole of Wood.


Elsewhere is a place where things exist but do not interact or decay. Things that characters store Elsewhere are "safe enough." Though Charms could exist to steal things from Elsewhere (and Elsewhere could theoretically have strange monsters, Malfean taint, Wyld energy or some form of entropy), it is sufficiently secure that the First Age Lawgivers never developed a better storage space.


The full article is located here: Malfeas

This is where demons come from. It is also the prison of the mythical Yozis.

The Underworld

The full article is located here: Underworld

The world of the dead. It is a dark reflection of Creation and intrudes upon the living world in the form of Shadowlands.

The Wyld

The full article is located here: Wyld

This is the chaos that surrounds Creation. It is the home of the Fair Folk and can cause mutations - both physical and mental - in those who travel it. Also, there are places in Creation where the Wyld has encroached upon the stability of reality.


The full article is located here: Yu-Shan

Also called The Celestial City of Heaven. This is heaven. Home of the gods and where they play the Games of Divinity.


The full article can be found here: History of Creation

Era's Of History

The "Mythic Ages"

Nobody refers to this time as "the Mythic Ages" because this was before time was measured. This is not to say that humans did not exist during this time, but there simply was no measured time. This covers the timeless chaos before the Primordials made Creation and the time after it was made but before the gods revolted.

The First Age

This was a golden age after the Exalted defeated the Primordials, when wonders and magic undreamed of in the Second Age were commonplace. The First Age is commonly considered to stretch from the end of the Primordial War to the time of the Great Contagion, nearly eight centuries ago. Most learned savants place the fall of the first age some six centuries earlier, however, with the murder of the Solar Exalted.

Also commonly referred to as The First Age of Humanity or The First Age of Man.

The Second Age

This is the current era of Creation, having begun with the murder of the Solar Exalted or the end of the Great Contagion, depending on whom one asks.

Also commonly referred to as The Second Age of Humanity or The Second Age of Man.

Memorable Events From History

More to come!


The Immaculate Order

The full article is located here: Immaculate Order

Officially named the Order of Immaculate Dragons, this is a monastic order and a philosophy to which that order adheres. It is the state religion of the Realm.

At the heart of the philosophy are the five Noble Insights and the five Diligent Practices.

The Noble Insights

  1. All beings in Creation are constantly dying and being reincarnated, ascending and descending the Road of Enlightenment. Those who are Exalted are very close to the end of the Road, while insects and plants are near the beginning. Most sentient mortals are somewhere near the center.
  2. As beings approach the end of the Road, they approach the infinate perfection of Essence that is the Elemental Dragons, who hold Creation together.
  3. Working in solitude and striving to surpass their lot in life, all beings in Creation draw away from the perfection of the Elemental Dragons. Working together and accepting their present incarnations, all beings in Creation mimic the Elemental Dragons and approach their perfection.
  4. The Dragon-Blooded, who were the disciples and children of the mortal incarnations of the Elemental Dragons, are leading the Immaculates toward that degree of perfection.
  5. The Anathema, who reject the Elemental Dragons and obey only their own ambitions, are drawing Creation toward dispair and ruin.

The Diligent Practices

  1. Hear a recital of an Immaculate Text at least once a month, in the company of at least seventeen other followers of the Philosophy.
  2. Respect and honor spirits only according to the calendar and in the specific rites set down by the Immaculate Order, giving each spirit its due only insofar as it serves the harmony of Creation.
  3. Imitate in word and deed the honorable behaviors of the five Immaculate Dragons, the mortal incarnations of the Dragons of the Elements. Emulate the thoughts appropriate to your incarnation as decreed by the Immaculate Dragons.
  4. Obey the Dragon-Blooded, who are the descendants and disciples of the Immaculate Dragons and are so close to enlightenment that their commands cannot cause a soul to stray from the Road.
  5. Resist the commands of the Anathema to the fullest degree of the abilities of your present incarnation, and do not fall into dispair.

The Hundred Gods Heresy

The full article is located here: Hundred Gods Heresy

The Hundred Gods heresy is a collective term for the cults found thoughout Creation that directly worship the spirits and gods that prevade the land. The Immaculate Order is opposed to these religions, due to their belief that direct worship by mortals distracts these Celestial functionaries from their important duties.

Powers of the World

Note: Some of this information may not be available to your character, should you have any doubt and wish to keep from knowing it OOCly if you don't know it ICly you can skip these links and ask Nerdvana.

Greater Powers

Other Powers

Other Threats of Note

  • The Walking Dead
    • Zombies, Skeletons, etc.
    • Hungry Ghosts
  • Stalkers
Stalkers are reptilian beasts with forms that are somewhat reminiscent of the human form. But they are mindless beasts. They are most common in the East but they can be found in remote places throughout Creation.
  • Creatures of the Wyld
  • Beastmen
  • Mortal Thaumaturges

Other Items of Note

Flora and Fauna

The full article is located here: Flora & Fauna

Creation is full of life of various sorts. Some of this is identical to or similar to life that is found in the real world, while other is unusual or fantastic - as is befitting of a world as magical as this one is.

Imperial Calendar

The full article is located here: Imperial Calendar

Use of the Imperial Calendar has spread thoughout Creation. It is a lunar calendar with three months of twenty-eight days for each of the five elemental seasons and a five day period at the end of the year called Calibration.


Every world has its own measurement systems. Those of the world of Exalted are described here: Measurements

Stories From The World Of Exalted

Fortuitous Scarlet Cloak

Fortuitous Scarlet Cloak is a strangely familiar children's tale told in the Realm.

The Wolves in the Wood

The Wolves in the Wood is a tale often told in the Threshold, particularly in the East and the northeast of Creation.

Off Site Links

Nerdvana's Other Sites

This is a list of Nerdvana's other Exalted themed sites.

Official Sites

Character Sheets

First Edition

Second Edition

Wiki-Style Sources

Other Web Sources

Copyright Acknowledgement

Exalted is owned and copyrighted by White Wolf. Some of the information in this part of the namespace is theirs, copied into the Wiki with no malice. In no way is Nerdvana or BluWiki trying to challenge these copyrights. The use of this information is for the purpose of personal use and Nerdvana believes this falls in the realm of "Fair Use". Nerdvana's own works will be clearly labled as such.

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