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Creation Et All/Creation

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General Information

Creation is a magical world, there is no doubting that when one looks at maps of it. To its inhabitants, there is no concern over this fact - how else would the world exist, after all?

In the center of Creation is the Elemental Pole of Earth, a great mountain that rises nearly to Heaven itself. Called the Imperial Mountain, this is the axis of Creation and the heart of reality. About the base of the mountain is the Blessed Isle and around that is the Great Inland Sea.

Surrounding the Inland Sea is the Threshold, a ring of land and islands that stretchout to the ragged edge of Creation. The Scarlet Empire rules the Blessed Isle directly and the Threshold as subject states and tributaries.

The northern stretches of Creation are cold lands, where ice is lord and the wind is master. At its extremest point lies the Elemental Pole of Air - a precipace beyond which lies nothing but air and snow.

Deserts lie to the southern end of Creation with the heat of the sands only increasing the further south one travels. At the furthest point in the southern direction lies the Elemental Pole of Fire - a precipace beyond which lies nothing but endless, smokeless flame.

The western reaches of Creation are great archipelagoes with island nations on an expansive ocean. At the western most point of Creation is naught but endless seas with no islets breaking their surface which blends into the sky - both being the same blue at the Elemental Pole of Water.

The eastern stretches of Creatino are carpeted with forests, fields and fens. In the far east, savage tribes dwell in the branches of trees and it is quite possible to live ones whole life without touching feet to ground. Past even that, however, is a great cathedral of huge trees - at the Elemental Pole of Wood the canopy of leaves darken the sky and the huge trunks rise up from an infinate gulf.

Above Creation lies Yu-Shan, the city of the gods, the home of the Celestial Court and the Games of Divinity.

Weather and Climate

Creation's weather is as magical as the rest of its nature. Weather comes from the elemental poles, with warm winds coming from the South, blizzards from the North and rainstorms from the East and West. This elemental influence is felt across Creation, but this is greatest in areas closer to the poles than it is further away. The Blessed Isle is truly blessed, as it benefits from this mixture of influences and enjoys a temperate climate due to this.

Ascending Water is usually the coldest month of the year, when the North is draped in ice. Frost and cold bind the East and West during this month, while plesant rains cool the South. Temperatures rise though the months of spring in Descending Water and the early months of the season of Earth, bringing hurricanes to the South, monsoons to the West and drenching downpours and storms to the East. Then, there is a long growing period of increasing warmth for the last month of Earth, and the season of Wood and the first month of the season of Fire, until the height of summer comes with Descending Fire. In that month, the South is scorched by endless days of blazing sun, the breadfruit trees of the West are dried up, the endless forests of the East are parched and dry, and the North is bright and temperate, fully open to traders and travelers. After this, temperatures fall rapidly, bringing storms across Creation and a hurrying in the year's last harvest before winter grips the world once more.

While these are the natural order of things, the weather is influenced and controlled by the magic of the gods and [{Creation Et All/Exalted|the Exalted]]. While in the First Age this was regulated, currently it is easy to find a local god willing to divert detremental weather in return for worship.

Because of very long growing seasons and the effects of magic and prayer Creation enjoys high crop yields - gardens are heavy with vegetables and paddies are full of rice thoughout the season of Wood. Most regions are capable of pulling in three harvests of rice each year, while it is possible to get five at the Blessed Isle and the Scavenger Lands in their most fertile areas. It is because of this vast bounty that large and compilcated societies are viable in Creation - one peasant can nourish many people with his labor.

Maps of Creation

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